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Journal Chacham's Journal: Chronicle: Been playing Hyperiums 4

Too much of a gamer in me. I stopped playing WoW a second time, contrary to rholliday's prediction of doom.

Interesting game, it's Hyperiums, which i found strange to only have one mention here.

It's tick based, it requires alliances, and moves should usually be thought out. Ultimately, it requires only a few minutes to play, and is free unless you pay (yes, IIUC, paying once locks out the account from ever being free again). It $15/yr that most certainly is not needed right away, and the credits that it gives you can be bought in game anyway.

It's probably worth checking out, it really takes a only a few minutes, unless you're interested. SC2 is mature, SC3 just opened (can only be in one Star Cluster at a time) so there should be room for everyone.

Oh my, did i just advertise? Somebody slap me.

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Chronicle: Been playing Hyperiums

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  • I haven't played WoW in a while, either. Though I'm still paying, just in case. The XBox 360 has me pretty firmly in its clutches, though. The gf is madly into WoW, so I'll end up doing something with it, I suppose.

    Hyperiums sounds interesting. Kind of like Masters of Orion (Or MOO as it's called, which occurs to me is a very appropriate game for you. ;) ). In that it's tick-based and involves alliances it reminds me of my game [], but that could just be the advertiser in me. :)
    • by Chacham ( 981 )
      Or MOO as it's called, which occurs to me is a very appropriate game for you.

      Not that i'd cower away from being mooved. :P

      Perchance i shall look at your game.

      • You might like it, if you're into turn-based management stuff. My admin account is 'NuPsiPhi' if you have questions or anything.

        On a completely unlrelated note, I just tagged this story [] with 'nohonoramongthieves' and figured you'd appreciate that. :)

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