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Journal Chacham's Journal: Tags: solongandthanksforallthefish 3

Oh my, these tags still have me going. Those one word definitions and reactions are awesome. Ok, they're not really one word, but one thought. Or one something.

Today's winner was in White Dolphin Functionally Extinct being the singsong solongandthanksforallthefish.

The apropriate tag was extinction which is shared by Antarctic Blast Made Australia, Room For Dinosaurs.

In a move somewhat suprising for /., it has sad, which is usualy used as an insult or very light feelings, but given the another tag flipper, it took on another meaning.

I'm not sure the intent of the evolution, but coming from flipper it seemed more sneer.

When A Press Junket To Redmond went live, i was suprised that itsatrap wasn't there, but thankfully it was added later.

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Tags: solongandthanksforallthefish

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