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Journal Chacham's Journal: Nonsense: All your tag are belong to us. 12

Tagging is great. I don't think i know how to use it, but reading the tags are like single word comments that explain the general feeling of slashdotters at the news. And i don't meeant the stupid "dept" lines, or the tagging examples.

Here's a few:

Linux: The Importance of OS Backwards Compatibility
  [+] feedback

IT: Firefox 2.0 Wins Phishfight Against IE7

First of the OLPCs Built
  [+] olpc

Death of the Cell Phone Keypad As We Know It?
  [+] no

Hardware: Intel Takes Quad Core To the Desktop
  [+] hardware, intel

Science: Scientists Find New Painkiller From Saliva
  [+] biotech, science, iwantanewdrug

Science: Singing Dolphins Do Batman
  [+] thanksforallthefish, dolphins, batman

Hardware: Machine Gun Sentry Robot Unveiled
  [+] aliens, terminator, robocop, ed209, cylons

Apple: Interview With Spreadsheet Creator
  [+] visicalc, spreadsheet, danbricklin

Your Rights Online: Copyright Protection Problems For OSS Project
  [+] copyright, opensource, oss

Games: Fighting For the Chinese Gaming Market 29 comments
  [+] www, happybirthday, anniversary

Developers: Sun Considering GPL For OpenSolaris
  [+] gpl, sun, solaris, opensolaris

Hardware: Blu-ray Laser Gadget
  [+] lame, slownewsday, bluray, stupid, slashvertisement

Games: Bungie Promises "Big News" Next Week 3 of 55 comments
  [+] riaa, fairuse, fud, drm

Science: Space Elevators Could Be Lethal
  [+] fud, space, duh, radiation, spaceelevator

Your Rights Online: RIAA President Decries Fair Use
  [+] riaa, fairuse, fud, drm

Science: Space Elevators Could Be Lethal
  [+] fud, space, duh, radiation, spaceelevator

Book Reviews: Variable Star By Heinlein and Robinson
  [+] scifi

Hardware: TOP500 Supercomputer Sites For 2006
  [+] supercomputing

IT: Help Black Box Voting Examine ES&S Software
  [+] blackboxvoting

Linux: Linus Torvalds Officially a Hero
  [+] linus, linux, hero

Hardware: Hacking XBox 360 HD-DVD To Play On XP
  [+] xbox, slashdotted, hddvd

Hardware: PS3 Opened For Pictures
  [+] ps3, slashdotted

Science: Scientific American's Top 50

IT: Steve Ballmer's Thoughts On Free Software
  [+] developersdevelopersdevelopers, microsoft, chairs, monkeyboy, ballmer

Gracenote Defends Its Evolution
  [+] cddb

Apple: The Zune Cometh
  [+] microsoft, itsatrap, zune

Google Earth In 4D
  [+] google, earth

Scientists Create Air Guitar T-shirt

Apple: Apple Changes the APSL Rules
  [+] apple

Apple: iPhone Rumour Round-up

Science: Astronauts Throw Trash Into Space
  [+] litter

Developers: Sun Open Sources Java Under GPL
  [+] gpl, java, opensource, sun, finally

Google Envisions Free Cell Phones For All
  [+] google, cellphone, ads

Your Rights Online: Top 10 List of Worldwide Internet Censors
  [+] censorship

More A's, More Pay
  [+] gradeinflation, education

Developers: Firebird 2.0 Final Released
  [+] database, firebird, notfirefox

Hardware: AMD Cuts Personal Internet Communicator
  [+] amd

IT: Best Method For Foiling Email Harvesters?
  [+] spam, antispam

Politics: Man's Vote for Himself Missing In E-Vote Count
  [+] evoting, haha

Hardware: Taking a Crack At Recycling E-Waste
  [+] recycling

Samba Team Urges Novell To Reconsider
  [+] samba, novell, itsatrap, microsoft

Hardware: Jailtime For Leeching Wireless?
  [+] singapore, law

Google's Test Search Engine
  [+] google, oldnews

Science: NASA Avoids "Happy New Year" On Shuttle
  [+] slownewsday, y2k, duped, nasa, space

IT: Code Execution Bug In Broadcom Wi-Fi Driver
  [+] security, broadcom

IT: Microsoft Debuts MySpace-Like IT Site
  [+] microsoft, itsatrap, socialnetworking, it, myspace

The Ballpark Stadium of the Future
  [+] sports

Games: The Dark Side of the PlayStation 3 Launch
  [+] ps3, fud, sony, capitalism

Apple: Justin Long No Longer A Mac
  [+] slownewsday

Games: CCP and White Wolf Games To Merge
  [+] rpg

Ask Slashdot: Software Dev Cycle As Part of CS Curriculum?
  [+] no, yes

Your Rights Online: Youtube Video Prompts FBI Probe of LAPD
  [+] youtube, police, fbi, lapd

Making the Sounds of Vista
  [+] vista, windows

Science: How Bezos Messed With Texas
  [+] amazon, bezos, rocket

Games: Playstation 3 Sells Out At Japanese Launch
  [+] ps3, duh

I love the little tags like "haha", "itsatrap", and the inevitable "not fud" after just about every "fud". "slashvertisement" is quite well put too. Personally, i'd like to add "fudnotfud".

All in all, i think titles can be skipped in favor of the tagging (and perhaps the section.

Try these:

monopoly, microsoft, fud, antitrust, notfud

fud, yeahright, missionaccomplished, linux, notfud

fud, bigbrother, fascism, notfud, terrorism

So, a little tweaking, and the homepage can be much smaller.

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Nonsense: All your tag are belong to us.

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