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Journal Chacham's Journal: mod points again 5

With a nifty new message:

    You have 5 Moderator Points! Use 'em or lose 'em!

Anyone want any points? Or better, anyone lose any recently and would like to undo what a stupid moderator did? Just post here, or email me if you're too embarrased.

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mod points again

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  • by Em Emalb ( 452530 ) <<ememalb> <at> <>> on Sunday October 20, 2002 @10:29AM (#4489574) Homepage Journal
    is how many people are moderating in journals.

    It would be cool to see a journal entry up for metamod, but I haven't yet.

    • It would be cool to see a journal entry up for metamod, but I haven't yet.

      Well, I don't know about a journal entry ever coming up for mod since we can't moderate JE's. We can moderate the posts to JEs and I know that some have been moderated. There was a discussion about a post that I accidently moderated as funny. It was really informative about CDR disk size. I mentioned that later my mod was M2'd as FAIR and that I felt that although we are sort of splitting hairs (ok, so people probably agreed with the up-mod) about the wording of the mod. Someone (and I wish /. let me keep more posts...) posted that they remembered M2'ing it.

      Oh, and I just got a message that one of my mods in a journal was unfair.... sigh... it was an up-mod of a post [] by Em Emalb IN HIS OWN JOURNAL!! [] You don't think he was interesting there then I guess he isn't interesting anywhere!
  • too bad (Score:3, Insightful)

    by mekkab ( 133181 ) on Sunday October 20, 2002 @01:17PM (#4490185) Homepage Journal
    I'd actually like to be moderated down...
    if you look at the thread in my last journal entry I was crying like a baby at my moderations. As such, I was dutifully modded down again. Then the challenge came up " try to get every negative moderation possible in this thread"- however I never got redundant.

    But I beleive that story has been archived. Besides, there's nothing like getting moderated down fair and square.
  • this post is insightful.
    i agree with this post.

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