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Journal Chacham's Journal: Chronicle: Night driving, Bath Pilow, Bed Pillow, User 40.

My younger brother, hearing of my night-driving problems pointed me to Miles Kimball where they have Night Driving Glasses Clip Ons. Considering that i wear Aviator style anyway, those would be a perfect fit. I wonder if they work. Once there, i saw a No Glare Visor Extender. I must have forgot about those. They'd probably come in handy on those hilly roads where the headlights opposite me shine right in my eyes quite brightly. I wonder if there's anything for rear-view and driver-side mirrors. I'll have to think about these.

I *still* want to fine a bath pillow that doesn't sport holes after a few uses.

And, i may even start using a pillow on my bed. My head has been noticing the drop down from my spine lately, and it longs to be on the same level. Makes me wonder why i found pillows so uncomfortable for so long though.

User Id 40 is taken. Interesting.

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Chronicle: Night driving, Bath Pilow, Bed Pillow, User 40.

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