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Journal Chacham's Journal: Chronicle: Going back to WoW 4

A friend has been telling me about the WoW expansion. More five-mans, same dungeon can be made harder for the same five-man for more gear, lowering raid groups, flying mounts, neutral towns, oh my. My main complaint was the five-mans, and i thought the expansion would add a few but soon become useless like the rest, but with that not so, i want to play again. CoH just doesn't hold my interest.

Well, here's the problem. We had four people playing. A, B, C, and D. A and B are brothers, C is me, and D is a friend. D stopped playing, he's gone. A and B stopped playing, so B gave A's and B's account to a guildy, who gave the accounts to her son and daughter. B then went back and started using C's account. Now C (me) wants to play again, so i have to get a new account. Followed that?

I don't want to start on the same server, because it's just hurts too much added on top of re-getting to sixty. And i need to find a guild that plays like i do, so i'd probably keep away from the old guild, nice as they are. Another friend, E, started playing on a different server (Aerie Peak), so i joined his. That is, i logged on to the website as C and sent myself (now F) a ten-day pass and got a character up to level 4 last night. I'm not sure i want to stay on that server (not that i want to leave, just no real reason to stay other than playing with someone i know, who probably has a different style than me).

I want three main characters: Mage, Priest, Warlock. I'd like to have a Druid to play with too, but maybe not. I always play Mage. Priest, because i want to heal. And Warlock, because i want a pet and summon. Warlock actually calls to me, but its so evil, so i went with Mage. Druid's different forms are something i'd like to play with.

I'm debating about having two accounts so i can make gold quickly. Inter-faction trading was garnering a few hundred gold a week for me, and i'd like to get back to that. Maybe i'll even stop being lazy and write a mod to help check the prices. Doubtful though, unfortunately.

Yes, i am sad that i am going back. I haven't yet stepped over the cliff, but i really did like WoW, just not the raid-orientation of the game.

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Chronicle: Going back to WoW

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  • Try auctioneer...

    Scan the AH once a day or so (10-15 minutes) with auctioneer and then setup a few queries. 5g profit, Short duration, Buyout and 5g profit, Short duration, Bid. Then run those queries right after you scan the AH. It'll show you a couple good items to bid on. Keep in mind that if auctioneer only saw the item twice for a high price the item is not necessarily going to be able to be resold for profit.

    I play alliance on Agammagan or something like that. It is PvP server, but those really a
    • by Chacham ( 981 )
      Kewl, thanx for the info. Interesting.

      I have auctioneer. I follow a different trend though. The differences in between Horde and Alliance. Most things are cheaper Alliance side due to sheer numbers, and make good profit Horde side. It's just a matter of noting the discrepencies. On my old server, the farmers seems to inhabit the Horde, so metals, cloth, and the like were cheaper Horde side.

      That's what i'd want a plugin for. To track those discrepencies. That way finding what to buy and sell could be cut to
  • I predicted this day would come, eventually. No one ever escapes the fold completely ... :)
    • by Chacham ( 981 )

      I escaped. I was recaptured. I'm not going back to the old. I'm accepting the new.

      Or, at least, that's what i'm going to keep telling myself. :)

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