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Journal Chacham's Journal: Which SCSI card to buy 2

Well, after issues with the MegaRaid SCSI RAID controller card (also rebranded by Dell as the PERC/2) under Linux (Red Hat 6.2) the company that hired me decided to go with a new card. One with better support, and known for stability. At first thought I'd choose an Adaptec, but I need to actually look around. It's got to be SCSI and be able to do RAID 5 with four drives. If anyone has any ideas or pointers, I'd love to hear them.

UPDATE: My mistake, it is to be RAID 1/0.

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Which SCSI card to buy

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  • At my old college job we resold Tekram cards, my friends installed almost everything on campus, and they never had any complaints about them. I have only used Adaptec with no complaints. I think Emulux and LSI are also pretty good but they might only sell expensive RAID cards, if they do anything besides fiber channel these days.
    • LSI bought Megaraid, and that is what failed on us. I use a Tekram at home and am pretty happy, but you have to get the latest drivers and compile them into the kernel.

      I think we're going to get an Adaptec. Basically, they seem to be well known for stability, and Dell sells them, so there's a higher degree of support should it fail. The question now is, which one. A U160 32/33 internal dual channel, external single channel card with write cache seems to be the best choice.

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