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Journal Chacham's Journal: Verbiage: Supplier booths. Saw erstwhile co-worker. 1

A bunch of suppliers came by today and setup shop to advertise their products. The main point of their coming is to get to the right person and hopefully land a sale. The problem is, the "right person" is such a tiny amount compared to the populous. Which brings them to the second point, that of name recognition. That's got to account for something. I think another point is to attract the introverts, who are less likely to come without a group (so he doesn't feel stared at by the salespeople).

So, with tens of suppliers, how does one get someone's attention? That's what the setup was for. A number of booths had a video running, others gaver away toys like squishies and pens. One gave away bags, which is popular lately, but it's ironic in a way. They are giving out a meta-package, which (for them) is the actual package. And, it's pretty much guaranteed some usage. One booth was covered in lights, others had a bowl of small candy. Each had smiling people (there was definitely one, however, where the guy looked despondent), and one seemed to have a lady not as well dressed (business-style) as the rest. Anything to get attention. I asked someone i was walking with, how long he looked at each display. He said maybe a second. I'm pretty sure it's closer to fifteen seconds. But it's true, with hardly any time to grab someone's attention, unless the person is looking for it, it better catch his attention somehow, or it all lost. How would you get someone's attention is so short a period without losing a professional look (like the super-lighted one)?

Next came the toys. I'm as guilty as the rest. I have no business being there, but i wanted my squishy. I wanted my bobble-head pen! I want that plastic pen/pencil set. Why? So i can give it away, of course. I wouldn't actually be getting it for myself, now would i? Heh. Truthfully, i have no idea why i want them. It's like I "have" to get it, and it is pretty much with the intention of giving it away, after enjoying the freebies for a few minutes myself.

Now, because of all this, i didn't want to take anything myself. So, i hid behind someone else who got everything for me. When he complained about how it looked that he took two. I told him that's how i felt for taking one. It's weird.

In the end, as we were about done, a lady from one of the booths stopped me. She asked if i was me, to which i affirmed her suspicions. As it so happens, she worked at my previous employer and had heard of me (possibly saw me). Last year i went to C J Barrymore's with my younger brother. She had also gone to with a co-worker (of hers). When they were in the batting cages, he pointed me out to her. And now, a bit over year later, she's saying hello. That's got to count for something!

Well we chatted, and apparently she keeps in touch with everyone. I heard a bit more about that business. The database i put together is still in use (always good to hear) and they actually need to expand a certain program to handle a higher volume. Well, i had gotten a friend's friend to actually write the script. I wonder if i can contact him again. It might be interesting for some side-work.

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Verbiage: Supplier booths. Saw erstwhile co-worker.

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  • College students get their's from career fairs instead. Same concept. :)

    Boeing had a Family day here awhile back. Same thang happened. :)

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