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Journal Chacham's Journal: Chronicle/Verbiage: Downloaded Firefox at the office.

Well, i just installed Firefox at work. I use Mozilla at the office and am still wondering what the difference is. Mostly because i'm too lazy to check, and perhaps because i might have to change (*shudder*) at home. Best not to look, it doesn't exist at home. :)

Well, actually, i have FireFox on my laptop. And, i think i may breakdown and install Thunderbird as well, once i get things set up the way i'd like. I'd still like to use a web front-end like Squirrelmail, but it really just doens't cut it like a stright-out application. I've been thinking of going over to the dark side and user Horde/Imp, but i haven't really looked at them in a few years. It looked evil, but by golly it sure seemed to work.

Just now i was reading Slashdot and comments views keep making java errors. I'm sure there's some setting to turn that off, but downloading Firefox was faster than figuring it out.

I told Firefox not to put a shortcut on my desktop or shortcut bar, and i thought i left it on for Start Menu, but that was a no go. I had to put it there myself.

What amazed me, was that Firefox not only imported bookmarks. But it also imported history, proxy info (though it was left unselected), and cookies. That kind of scared me though, because when i went to Google, i was already logged in. I use one log in for gmail, another for newgroups, and i don't bother logging off for searches. I probably should, but its not like it'd matter. I have an ip address and they probably track that anyway.

The google search bar was the first casualty, and then stupid go button clone, then home, and i consolidated all the menus into one menu, and made the buttons textual which is smaller than iconical. Slashdot ads are already being blocked, and my middle-clicks no longer bring up that annoying up-down icon. All slashdot pages seem to render even in windowed mode, and i bet text won't overwrap everything anymore. I've been coerced to use a specific browser by Microsoft long enough, it's time to be coerced to using a specific broswer by Slashdot. Power to the people, woohoo!

What amazed me further was MSDN. The reference books render *faster* in Firefox. For example, this page. Well, just now it seems about the same . Though, before, i think IE was jumping the divder back and forth is some odd form of dance.

So far, the only bother seems to be the lockups while loading some pages. It just locks everything for a couple second on some new ones.

I'm still using <Ctrl>-<Alt>-<M> as my hotkey. And it's not like that isn't progress either. When i set it up each time, i seem to still be thinking about using <Ctrl>-<Alt>-<N>.

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Chronicle/Verbiage: Downloaded Firefox at the office.

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