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Journal Chacham's Journal: Chronicle: Sinuses bothering me again. 4

The mornings here over the weekend were a bit cold, and me, with those holes in my head (usually called sinuses by the well-meaning) have been affected. I get this once or twice a year when the weather changes. It's the dreaded sinus infection.

The sinus infection can gives headache or cold symptoms, or not. The worst part of all is being drained of energy. Just being overwhelmingly tired and having this feeling that there's not much to do.

I had a headache all day Saturday, on Sunday i was just plain tired. Moday i made it through the day, but today, even though i took two Advil Cold & Sinus tablets at about 10am, at 12 i was still having a slight headache, my fan was making me feel cold, and i was really tired.

I went to medical on the first floor, and noone was there. A few minutes later a nurse notified me they were undermanned just then, and they had an urgent case. Ten minutes later or so, she told me and the other to walk-ins that we may want to come back later. And so i left, coming back at about one.

I walked in with a co-worker and nearly lost my way there. She took a different route than i would take, and i was a bit out of it. When we walked in, two nurses were there. I commented "oh you're back now". I thought i said it jokingly, but apparently the comment didn't go over too well. I was met with a more serious face and told of the erstwhile urgency. I said i was kidding but it seemed to take a minute or two to set in.

I was asked what i wanted, and i said i'd like my temperature taken (and then given back when they were done, no response, ugh) and out came one of those nifty electonic thingies. A few seconds later, 99.2F. On being told that i had taken the Advil earlier, and she calculated that ten to one was three hours, she said that my temperature was likely higher before, and that i should probably talk to my doctor. She also told me i should take Tylenol, i responded that i liked Advil better, she said that i should follow my doctors reccomendation. Eh.

Made it back to my desk, and made sure someone else would debug an error on one tab of some internal website, and off i went. Both my supervisor and manager weren't in just then, so that was fast. I made an apointment for 2pm tomorrow, and i made my way home.

Driving home was tiring, so tiring that i actually drove the speed limit. I turned the air on because it was warm (didn't want to keep the window open on the freeway) and blew it at my feet. Getting home, i slept for about one and one-half hours, waking up and not being able to sleep, though being quite tired.

Did i mention i was tired?

I took my temperature later (in a good old-fashioned in-the-mouth non-electronic meter) and am at 98.8F. I *think* my normal temperature is 97.7, but i've been doubting that lately and wondering if its actually 98.4.

I'll probably go to work for the morning, assuming i have more energy then, and make my way to my doctor. Most likely he'll find a "slight" infection, give me anti-biotics, and i'll be better in just a few days.

As for now, i ought to follow my sister's advice, and take a warm bath and get to bed.

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Chronicle: Sinuses bothering me again.

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