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Journal Chacham's Journal: Verbiage: IE middle-click, Too much flash, need control.

Just did it again, middle-clicked in IE just to get some stupid icon. Like opening a DOS window and typing ls. Sheesh.

And on that note. Why is Flash becoming so popular lately? It is *really*, *really* annoying. Flash, unlike HTML, takes control of everything, is a resurce hog, and cannot be right-clicked away. Hmm.. maybe that is why they use it. I need a Flash controller so I can send the annoying ones to the cornfield, and have a bit more control over the rest.

Unfortunately, at home, I have one of the computers with IE and flash, which i fire up for hotmail, and the occasional website that really tempts me flash-wise.

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Verbiage: IE middle-click, Too much flash, need control.

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