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Journal Chacham's Journal: Chronicle: No more WoW, started City of Heroes.

So, i stopped playing WoW. I was playing it for quite a while, but for us non-raiders there really isn't life after sixty. After begging too many times for five-mans, and realizing other guildies had a much easier time getting a group together, i just gave up. PuGs are pathetic, too many kids running around, and all new stuff is raids with the occasional PvP. The Expansion should add a few more five-mans, but there just isn't a point.

I logged something like fifty-four days. I had total, at one point, about four-thousand gold (selling cross-faction), i bought a few people their fast mounts, and gave a friend over two-thousand hundred gold (plus eight-hundred owed by guildies i lent to) or so when i left. My game became making gold. Too much effort for too little fun. I miss Medievia.

Well, a couple friends decided to play City of Heroes, so i logged on. Interesting game, but definitely not enough tails to pick from. The game must be designed not to be to interesting, and playing is not really addictive. My major complaint is that it doesn't show mob level, after a three-level difference. I despise that. Same thing i didn't like about DAoC. If you want me to con, that's OK, but conning is not required when the only basis for that judgement is a single number. Let me see the number myself. I don't know why they do that. Even Blizzard tried it, but the players cried foul. They hardly do it now.

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Chronicle: No more WoW, started City of Heroes.

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