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Journal Chacham's Journal: Chronicle: Got a traffic-violation citation. 11

Last week (i think it was Thursday) i was pulling out of my apartment complex's street onto the main road, and a cop who i just cut off gave pulled me over. The important part to realize is that he looked indignant and made the appropriate body shakes for such a feeling, oh, and this was a few minutes before sunrise.

The gist of the conversation was:

PO: "What the hell kind of turn was that?" (ST IV fan?)
Me: "I skipped a stop-sign."
PO: "I had to stop not to hit you."
Me: "I didn't see you."
PO: "How could you not see me, i was right there."
Me: "You didn't have you're lights on."
PO: (points at flashing lights in a "what?" fashion)
Me: "You didn't have you're lights on before, and i didn't see you."
PO: "Maybe if you would have stopped you would have seen me."
Me: "Maybe."

He then returned to his dark-blue State-Police car, wasted the obligatory few minutes, emerged and (still idignant) handed me a ticket.

I don't really care about the stop-sign. It is a T-section, and needs to be treated like a yeild anyway. I never stop at it unless i need to (and was pulled over some time back over it, maybe a couple years ago, but he let me off) and i simply yeild to traffic. It was this cop who was driving dangerously, without his headlights on. Did he really think i saw him and came out to tick him off?

The ticket is probably about $150, which in itself isn't that bad (I'd easily pay that at the beginning of each year to have a free-speeding capture). It's that it'll be two points which will most likely bring my state-mandated car-insurance policy's premium up by $100 every six-months for three years. Bringing the total cost to $750. And all because (in my mind) this _idiot_ didn't turn his headlights on.

All in all, i guess what bothers me is why he gave me the ticket. Which i think was because he felt that i did not fear him like the state-patroller he is, and he was indignant during the entire process. And, he probably didn't realize he was driving pre-sunrise without his headlights on.

I'm not for those laws about having headlights on all day (especially because the new standard for headlight diffusion nearly blinds me) but at dusk and dawn, people still need it on.

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Chronicle: Got a traffic-violation citation.

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  • I once got a ticket because a cop was tailing me really damn close, as they often like to, but it had just rained so the roads were really wet and slick. A traffic like was coming up and the light had turned yellow, so rather than risk running a red light with the cop behind me, I stopped. Apparently Mr. Police Officer, who was tailgating dangerously, damn near hit me. But oh no, the cop can't be at fault, the police officer is NEVER wrong. So I ended up getting the ticket instead. Police Officers rout
    • I wonder what you could have done.

      After accepting that he was an idiot, how would you have avoided anything?
      • Take him to court, if he had a camera in the car you could have proved how close he was, maintaining that it was an unsafe distance for following under the conditions presented and the speed at which you were travelling.
    • I know there are some cops out there who act like jerks (just like there are in any field), and that in their profession being a jerk is more serious than in other professions, but I'd like to point out that most cops are not only nice people, but that many of them risk their lives to make our lives safer. There's always going to be an element of selective perception, but remember to fight it and see the good cops which are all around us.

      • I tend to think police departments in general spend more time on traffic violations to make money than anything else. What moron decided to send cops to patrol busy interstates during rushhour?

        Also, at least here in Michigan, the State Police in general seem to promote a general sense of jerkiness. I have found city cops (Oak Park) to actually look human, however.
    • Police Officers routinely ignore both traffic laws and common sense driving techniques, and it's everybody else who has to pay the penalty for their poor driving.

      Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? It's not like they're going to start writing each other tickets...a badge is as good as a get-out-of-jail-free card.

      • actually, that's not as much the case as it used to be--see [] .

        I have to admit I get exactly the opposite reaction from what the author intended when I read that website--good on cops who bust other cops for driving like jerks.
  • I dunno. It seems to me that when you make the conscious decision to routinely run a stop sign, one at which you've been stopped for running a stop sign before, you're implicitly accepting the risk that you're going to get pulled over or not see oncoming traffic. Frankly, it seems to me it's better that you got pulled over--what if the timing had been slightly more averse and he'd've hit you?

    Honestly, in your shoes I'd rather petition the local governing body to change the stop sign to a yield sign and ma
    • you're implicitly accepting the risk that you're going to get pulled over or not see oncoming traffic.

      All T-sections are yeilds. All T-sections assume you see oncoming traffic. All T-sections assume you will not see traffic before sunrise when the vehicle is a dark blue car without its headlights on.

      That i skipped the stop-sign is my choice, and one i plan to keep on doing. (It is useless.) That i have to pay the ticket because i lost the game, is not what i am complaining about. It's that he felt i was at
      • Fair enough--I just hope you never happen to pull out in front of some no-lights car sometime and get hit.
        • Fair enough

          Thanx. :)

          I just hope you never happen to pull out in front of some no-lights car sometime and get hit.

          Yeah, true. It is another safeguard i guess, but i am not sure if the effort is worth the result, given the rare occurance of such a violator (no headlights when not yet light, driving dark colored car, and be with a few feet of the turn.)

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