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Journal Chacham's Journal: Verbiage: Nintendo Revolutions name change still bothers me. 6

Well, after hearing about the Nintendo Revolution for so long. I'm a bit excited about it, and when it comes out, it'll likely take some of my WoW-time. However, this new moniker of theirs, what were they thinking?

Nintendo is a good company with solid products, that have stood up to quite some challenges, and people still love them. They are releasing a great product, with a great name, and then rename it to this? What were they thinking? Did some young marketer get in control? It's almost enough to make me keep away from purchasing it. Just not to give in to the absolute stupidity. (And feel stupid myself for "giving in".)

I play WoW, and i've often wondered about it's name. Then again, "World of" may have been added to get that acronym, but it doesn't sound cheesy at all. And, people generally don't make too many "WoW/wow" remarks. "WII" is remarkably stupid, and was only renamed for the vocalization. And that bothers me. For now, my protest will be to call it the Double-yoo, aye, aye.

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Verbiage: Nintendo Revolutions name change still bothers me.

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  • Nothing could take my WoW time at this point. Especially not a glorified Eye Toy named Wii. ;)
  • I keep wondering why I see this sentiment. They didn't change your name. Why get so emotionally involved in the name change of a product? I thought the name was a bit silly when I first read about it, but I didn't really like the name Revolution either. It seemed too heavy. The name Wii feels lighter and more fun, probably because of the association with "wheeee!"

    I don't really buy any of the reasons they gave for the choice, though. "Unambiguous pronunciation" was thrown out as soon as I read the first han
    • *They didn't change your name.*

      The problem is i put confidence in Nintendo in having good products, to the point where i simply trust them.

      In a world like this where many companies are shady, consumer confidence is based on good deals or reputable companies. With so many companies aiming for short-term goals, confidence lowers in general, generating almost apathy towards new products.

      It's the decent companies that have always been there, that we know look for the long-term goals that keep confidence up. Nin

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