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Journal Chacham's Journal: froze my system :( 3

Well, the seemingly inevitable happened. My computer froze. After 205 days, 2 hours and 22 minutes, my computer stopped responding. *sniff*

And it was just a harmless command. wine /mnt/cdrom/INSTALL.EXE. The window for Diablo displayed, and I think I heard a second of music, and then it was quiet. No responses. Another computer couldn't even ping it.

Well, the nice thing is I beat half a year for uptime. And that's solar or lunar, leap or regular. I wanted a year, but, oh well. Maybe it's time to update the kernel. Gee, what version am I running anyway..... uname -r... 2.4.17.

Now that Diablo has spread its evil (e-vill) to my computer, I think I'll name my character tux, and beat him back.

It's also time to get a new CD-ROM. I'd like a writer. I wonder if an external DVD writer would make sense.

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froze my system :(

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  • Just curious, but whats with the uptime facination?

    I know it's cool, but is there a reason other than just the coolness of it? Are you going for a record or something?

    Not intended to be a troll.
    • Fascination? Try obsession.

      It is mostly cool. But also, I've always wanted to have a large uptime. I have this dream of getting a year. If I got the year, I probably wouldn't care much past that.

      It's also self-feeding. Imagine you had *your* computer running for >200 days. Would you want to reboot?

      Getting into personality types (MBTI), I'd venture to say, that updtime is a J thing. Ps wouldn't care, and even if they did, they would hardly be wiling to sacrifice anything for it over such a long period.
      • I was happy when I got 2 weeks on my Win2K machine . . . .

        (though some Win2K users have had an easy 6 months of up time, it all depends on the setup, hardware, and how it is being used. I tend to beat my machines to death with the sheer number of applications that I load and unload on a daily basis)

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