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Journal Chacham's Journal: Reading Adaptec's iso images and (un)related items

Well, my cd (burner) broke a while back, and it was my only cd reader. Being seriously demented, I didn't want to shutdown just do add a new CD reader. Uptime is 204 days. Woohoo!

I connected my upstairs neighbor's (apartment) computer to the network. He wanted to attach his laptop too, so I gave him an old hub I had from a dead DSL service. Unfortunately, it only runs at 10 MB. And we seem to have lost the connector, so he can't even plug the line into his computer directly (needs a crossover cable in there).

Anyway, I decided to use his CD to get some data to my computer. After restarting Samba (can't figure out why Debian shuts it down on all these updates), it's only a few minutes per CD.

I just (finally) bought the Diablo Battlechest. It includes Diablo, Diablo II, Diablo II expansion, and a book ("Strategy Guide") on Diablo II. I figured I'll find out if wine(x) can play them. I used to play Diablo under vmware, but after their useless updates to new versions (which they had the audacity to charge for!), and one of the versions crashing my computer and taking out the hard drive, I gave up on them. (Too bad, their first release was so good, I actually paid for it!)

So, it was off on the journey up the stairs. I used Adaptec easy CD creator to create a CD Image. I theorize now that they make awesome hardware, but their software shouldn't be copying garbage, it should be coastered *with* the garbage! It took me a while to find out how to create an image. After I finally created it and send it down to my computer, I realized that by default Adaptec uses it's pwn ridiculous "cif" format. Bummer. Back up the stairs. Now, by the grace of (groups.)google, I found that it was an option, and that there was an option to create an iso image (yeah, yeah, I should've checked the drop down myself). So, I tried reading in the cif image to convert it to an iso. No luck. That's why I use Linux. Things actually do what they should do, and easily too. So, back down the stairs, got the CD, create the CD Image, iso style, and send it down the stairs. Well, it apparently is *not* an iso9660 image. I can't mount it, and isoinfo just laughs at me.

Now I am not sure what to do. I am still searching google groups, but either need to learn French, or how to search better.

UPDATE: Downloaded GoldenHawk's CDRWIN. Confusing at first, but after a few minutes it worked beautifully.

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Reading Adaptec's iso images and (un)related items

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