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Journal Chacham's Journal: Chronicle: Thinking of leaving WoW 2

On WoW, well, the honeymoon is over, i'm 60, can't stand the resource contention for rep grinds, and just play the AH. Time to move on. But i still want to play.

So, i downloaded Elder Scrolls: Oblivian. After Zhan Luke gave us his localized vocalized speech (and pretty good too), the game crashed. Got latest vid drivers and found that my 2.59GHz, 1G ram, Nvidia 5600 (that someone gave me) is too slow to move the mouse properly on the rolling screen even at lowest settings. Something like one second latency.

I know that video is something people want, but this is quite absurd. I was moving *the mouse* and it was slow. Oh well, there's goes fifty. *sniff*

So, i think i'm gonna hit the MUD again. Medieva is out because NPK is basically a required form of play, and the stolen code issues.

The couple others i checked either had gratuitous adult themes and/or had hardly a handful of people online. So, i'm looking. Free is nice, but not required. Though, i'm beginning to realize that the best things in life are free. All it takes is a little appreciation.

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Chronicle: Thinking of leaving WoW

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  • The gf just picked up WoW under some peer pressure, and I've been playing it a bit. I may end up picking it up myself, depsite my near-religious aversion to paying monthly fees.

    Yeah, the FX 5600 is basically the lowest-end "good" card of the last generation. I picked one up last year to get the Pixel Shader 1.1 and Vertex Shader 1.0 routines and play some games I already had. I'll need to upgrade once I start getting the current series of games from the bargain bin.

    Medievia. I haven't played that in a
    • Maybe i'll check them out.

      I want a few people online already because MUD without MU is just D dead.

      I don't mind RP, and mayhap would enjoy it if everyone did it with vigor.

      It should be hard to level, perhaps even no top level, so that leveling is an indication of dedication.

      And, i would love puzzles. Or at least rewards for being ingenious.

      Just my wish list of sorts. :)

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