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Journal Chacham's Journal: "Smiley"s in parenthesis 7

I can stand it. I must know! How does one put a smiley in a set of parentheses. Basically, if the smiley is the last thing before the final parenthesis, does the smile (a parenthesis itself) become the closing parenthesis too (like this :-).? Or is another one required (like this :-) ).

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"Smiley"s in parenthesis

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  • The smiley closes the parenthetical remark. (You know, kinda like this :)

    I think that even goes for non-smiling smilies. (You know, kinda like this :(

    The non-smiling smilies always throws me. But I let the smiling smilie close the parenthetical.

    Otherwise, your smilie is a fat man with a double chin.

  • I've seen them (like this :-) )
    With the extra space.

    Honestly, I try to avoid it altogether (or just put it just after the close paren) :-)
    • I always try to put it outside the parenthesis. I just can't stand to have the thing open (I consider the smilie a characher unto itsels, so I can't use it to close, and I can't stand to have a half set of them) so I just put it outside. No double chinned smilies for me! I've considered using brackets [like this :-)] but that has other meanings, an I can't just haphazardly start reassigning things. It'd be nice if the slashcode auto converted them to little gifs. I don't think it would tax the server too much. The only problem is, people make them so many different ways.
      Eyes can be different :) ;) 8) or =)
      Noses can be different or missing. :) :-) :o) :O) :0) or :^)
      You can have a moustache :{)
      Mouths can be different :-) :-( :-D :- :-0 :-O :-o and others. There are just too many variations. Maybe if they just made the :) and :( turn to smilie and frownie that would suffice.
  • Not quite Holy War level, but I can remember having this debate back on BBSs.

    I prefer to go with :) ) with two spaces after the smilie, this way it is not confused with any thing else no matter what. :)

    (Kind of like this! :) )

  • I partially addressed this in a recent journal entry. It is the logical extension of placing a smiley after the closing punctuation of a sentence to avoid combining the smiley with the punctuation, ala
    Are you coming over tonight :)?
    I mean, is this a smiley and a question or someone basing a smiley on one of those freaky muppets from Labyrinth that gave me nightmares back when I was short (and yes, I just dated myself).

    The only problem is that the parenthesis, being a rather large piece of punctuation, can appear combined with the smiley even at distance, especially in fonts with narrow space characters. Is

    I went on a road trip (and you can't possbibly guess where) :)
    some sort of "horned smiley" for a partcularly impish grin?

    The best I can suggest in this case is to try to arrange the parenthetical comment so the smiley can appear mid-comment.

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