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Journal Chacham's Journal: Chronicle: Got new carpet. 10

Well, got the carpet for the apartment. With my fourth-year lease-signing i was officialy able to ask and recieve it. Granted they probably owed it to me anyway because of the infamous mushroom incident, where they never replaced the carpet they ripped out, but i'm just happy to finally have it.

Three people came with various levels of English and got to it right away. The one who spoke to me had a clear accent, but knew English well. Probably a dwarf in an earlier life, he was average height but must have had a large frame. His belly would probably have been better suited for the jackhammer, but i didn't mind. He spoke to the others in Spanish. This one guy had an amazing ability. Two or three times i saw him take off his shirt. Yet, whenever i looked again, he had it on. Perhaps a glitch, but i think he must be a retired "goof" maker.

The other two were best defined as old and young. Perhaps late sixties and mid-twenties. I was asked by numero uno if they could use the bathroom, and he apologized for having to ask but he mentioned that someone else would not let them use hers. Wow, either racism or classism. While i have no problem with a person being a bigot (that's their choice, as long as they do not hurt anyone) barring them from bathroom use must be as evil as painted bumpers. Times like this show me the sad state of affairs.

Well, the bottom-dwelling, floor-strutting, algea-making odds-and-ends i refuse to part with were shoved into the bathroom, making sink-use difficult. I don't remeber that being a problem for them. Ewww! Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

I was planning on playing WoW until they got to my inner sanctum, but they did the bedrooms first. That left me to watching and phone-call making. It's all interesting, so i watched how the two parts of carpet were put together in such a way that it looked like one piece.

First he lined up the two overlapping sections. Cut one to size, and with the longer piece on bottom, cut the bottom to match the top, so they fit snugly together. Measured the length with a roll of glue-tape and placed it under the seam. Put down an iron of some sort and waited for the glue to heat up. Moved the iron over, pressed down on the carpet, used a metallic, spiked roller to mesh the two sides together (like a baking perforater) and put an item on top to hold the carpet in place. Rinse, wash, repeat. Wow, so *that's* how they do it. Everything has wisdom, and many times genius. (Wisdom being stored knowledge, as opposed to intelligence, which is how to use it. Genius being how to do something thought of as complex, very simply.)

For under the molding he used some sort of chisle-like tool to push the edges under, and they stayed. What i am assuming was for the nails, the younger guy had an instrument with a flat head one one side, and something for his knee on the other. He kept whacking his knee into it to nail it down. Crude, but seems to have worked well.

After not taking advantage of time to clean thing up, everything is back (pretty much) the way it was, as if Rezo had cast his restoration spell. It's like i just changed the background color and started sniffing glue.

With a clean carpet, i'm more careful to take off my shoes if i've been through water or mud, and i haven't eaten yet outside the kitchen. Can this new carpet help me lose weight? I wonder how long it will last.

Now to get those blinds redone. I might as well make the place look nicer, and remove that bolt of silk that's covering the blind-less area in the blinds.

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Chronicle: Got new carpet.

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