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Journal Chacham's Journal: Verbiage: Warm air puts me to sleep. 1

Heat puts me to sleep. I prefer between sixty-five and sixty-eight fahrenheit, being a little warmer at night. Seventy is acceptable especially with a light fan. Seventy-two is uncomfortable, seventy-four makes me sleepy, seventy-six is very uncomfortable and seventy-eight makes me sweat. Above that i'm hardly concious.

I have heard that "universal room temperature" is sixty-nine degrees. That sounds about right. That isn't too cold or too warm, and something most people should be able to adjust to. At first i don't like to compromise on temperature. If someone is too cold they can put on a sweater or the like. But if someone is too warm, there's little he can do within the parameters of propriety.

If someone is wearing short-sleeves or a thin shirt, or no undershirt, and then complains that it should be warmer, i have no sympathy for him. In some cases compromise is not the best solution. If everyone can get what they want (feel neither cold nor warm) but some people just have to put on a sweater, that seems much better to me than compromising on a temperature where noone is happy.

This temperature thing really hit me when i stopped using the air-conditioner. What was i to do with all the heat? Well, i opened the windows. And guess what, even ninety-degree weather was fine in this reagrd.

After all these years i had finally figured something out. That it is warm air indoors that puts me to sleep. Circulated air, even when warm, poses much less of a problem. I don't know what it is, but warm uncirculated air has a profound affect on me.

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Verbiage: Warm air puts me to sleep.

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  • A warm room is bad, but make it a warm, stuffy room, and most get lethargic.

    I go one step further -- I think I literally overheat if I'm in > 75 degree temperature for more than an hour -- I get headaches from it, possibly mild heat exhaustion. I just tell people I'm perishable -- I require refrigeration, otherwise I spoil.

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