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Journal Chacham's Journal: Rant: Downgraded to XP 4

I cannot believe how incompetent some people or systems are. Last week i got a message about the corporation downgrading to XP from 2000. It's a necessary evil because of licensing and support, so i put in a hard drive caddy and another hard drive for them to downgrade. This way, i can still use 2000. The change was to happen Tuesday night for me, but those morons never emailed me. In fact, they never email anyone the day of the change, only the week before, and then not again. Not only that, they broke my fan. Well, a co-worker got it to work again, but it has a small buzzing noise to it. I'll need to buy a new one before this one blows up.

Well, now that i forgot to switch hard drives, they wiped my "real" HDD, which leaves me to use the fake one. Luckily i saved my files to a Novell drive because the new system uses Active Directory. If it was even possible, i'd sue these people for gross incompetence or supreme idiocy.

So now, here i am, all alone on a network, and have to reinstall everything. First i need Lotus, another product of IBM. I like OS/2 which worked well on everything except their own hardware. But i'll give them credit for the OS. But UDB is about as incompetent as the people who broke my fan. I can crash the server with four words! Yes, the server, it comes back up in an inconsistent state. And now, as if using UDB all day wasn't bad enough, we have to use Lotus Notes. For those who don't know, Lotus Notes is an email client that is inconsistent with everything, creates "links" that are not transportable, and is hardly customizeable. Well, my hand is forced so on with it.

First things first, load up the program. It tells me NOTES.INI cannot be found, i hit OK, and it exits. Luckly i have the "setup for new user" shortcut, which installs a bunch of files that are already there, but puts a skeleton user.ini file in. So, i start it up again, and it asks me for information. Ooh, progress. I put in my name, server, and location of id file, and it asks for my password. My password doesn't work, so i go back and find my file's password (yes, my file has its own password!?!), i type it in and get "You have a different password on another copy of your ID file and you must change the password on this copy to match". Seriously, does anyone expect such garbage from a multi-billion dollar company? At least Microsoft's stuff Looks good. This program looks, well, IBMish.

So now, here i am, waiting for help from a knowledgable user. I could complain about UDB and Notes all day long, but it just isn't worth it. I'll just go find someone to talk to until someone who can help me comes along.

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Rant: Downgraded to XP

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  • My last employer used Lotus Notes on a large cluster of AS/400 systems, and each server hosted 40-50 accounts (there were between 3000 and 5000 total accounts). On the server where my account lived, something went wrong with some configuration file, and as a result the mail server rebooted itself every 5-10 minutes. This went on a for a week (seriously, no exaggeration) until someone figured out the problem, and after that they moved all of us to new servers.

  • I hate Notes. Supposedly Hannover (v7) is better, but it hasn't been distibuted to my sector yet. I'm skeptical, anyway.
  • We did the 2000 to XP downgrade a few months ago. I'm getting used to it, but I'm longing to have my home box finally set up the way I want it so I have a refuge (it's currently buried underneath my wife's business materials- since her stuff makes money and my stuff takes money, she's got priority;-). What really worries me though is what's going to happen in a couple years when LongHorn comes down the pike...
    • What really worries me though is what's going to happen in a couple years

      OSX is looking better and better, ain't it?

      I run 98 at home, simply for gaming, and once there, everything else too. Otherwise, Linux is better. Simply because, if i don't like something, i can change it. Windows isn't like that at all, and it makes working in a company feel like a totalitarian regime.

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