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Journal Chacham's Journal: Chronicle: Coke, change, and new hats. 4

I just went down to the cafeteria to get my usually Cherry Coke. I get a 32 oz that i never finish (hmm, i think i finished it once) for ten cents more than the 20 oz costs, so i just get this size. Being i basically never finish it, i've been thinking of getting the smaller size anyway. Just thinking. Well, today it just so happened that i actually tried to find the smaller size.

As a creature of habit, i am scared of change. Scared isn't really the correct word, but i react to both in about the same way. I like eating the same thing everyday. I like dressing the same way everyday. I like checking the same websites everyday. (Does that even count?) So, when i went to look for a different size cup my anti-change system kicked in, and i got really nervous, and went for the thirty-two ouncer. The main concern, or excuse, was that i wasn't sure which size was which. The change has started though, it'll just take time.

Change was in the the air as well. The cafeteria normally puts together a few meals for display near the doorway, in a depression in the walls, on both sides. Today those were empty, and instead the meals were on a table in front of the doorway. I found that to be in the way (well, i never eat the food anyway) but so be it.

Further on, the condiment table that was removed last week was replaced by a table of some sort, and the condiments were in bottles that were in ice buckets or something. The workers had on a new uniform that included a hat, i think its called a french^H^H^Hedom cap. I guess they wanted everyone to dress the same way. Now, whilst i admire those who dress the same way everyday, i don't think that everyone should dress the same as each other. Clothes are an expression of being, and uniforms hide that personal flair. And besides, the hats looked stupid.

As i was debating commiserating with the cashier on her uniform, i realized that no cashier wore their hat the same way. The cashier i was near had the entire top flattened and hanging over one side of her head. I looked around, one was forward, another back, another straight on with the top puffed up, or something like that. The assumption is this uniform allowed each person to exercise their individuality in some way. Like handwriting, where the letters are the same yet each point tells something about the person, these people could not help but express themselves. It's a subtle point, but i think worth noticing.

On my way out i decided to make another change. To actually walk through the cafeteria and out the entrance. Foiled again, the gate was down. Heh, if i'd have tried that earlier they would probably have closed earlier. I can't help but chuckle.

So, back around the side to get out when i realized that even the guy taking out the trash (or was it dirty dishes, or who knows what) was wearing the same funny hat. And finally, the final proof that change was in the air, there was actually somebody who stopped to read a poster on the wall. Wow.

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Chronicle: Coke, change, and new hats.

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  • I do that too. I think a lot of people do. We tell ourselves it's more economical to get the 645,000oz MegaBlast© than the mere large, venti, baby (or however they phrase it) size that we can actually consume. So we take the massive drink, we don't finish it, it doesn't fit into our cupholder, it goes flat before we're halfway into it, and it leaves a huge puddle of condensation on our desk/coffe table/lap. But we keep doing it.

    I don't know whether to blame brainwashing or bargain-hunting.

    (I won
    • I don't know whether to blame brainwashing or bargain-hunting.

      I think its the latter, but that may just be the former hiding itself.

      (I wonder why "©" (©) and "®" (®), work, but "" doesn't. Odd.)

      This is Slashdot. Don't expect any consistency outside of Pudge []'s JEs [].
  • When this topic (fearing change) comes up, I like to do a little demonstration for people.

    I explain that everyone fears change and then I say I can demonstrate this. I reach into my pocket and pull something out enclosed in my fist. I hold my hand out in front of me as though I'm going to show them something special. People lean in to get a better look. Then I open my hand and reveal the contents, a handful of coins, and jump and shriek as though very startled and frightened by what I see there. Everyone el

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