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Journal Chacham's Journal: Chronicle: Purchased Simpsons and Muppets DVDs, and related 9

When the Simspons was released on DVD, i didn't purchase season one because it was more than two dollars an episode. So, a friend bought it for me instead. (Thanx Alec!) I then bought seasons two, three, and four, and then five and six together.

I stopped watching the show some time ago because they were getting more and more crude. I arbitrarily decided that after season eight it became too much, and figured i'd purchase until then. Well, season five started to push it, and finally season six was too much for me. I gave season six to a co-worker, and that's it for my Simpsons purchases. The first five ought to be more than enough anyway. it's its ever-expanding notifications of help, let me know that the Muppets season one had been released on DVD. I watched the muppets as a kid, and then watched reruns a decade or two later (still as a kid). It's always worth a good laugh. So, i grabbed that and recently started to watch it.

The DVD has an option to turn on notes. They aren't those freaky pop-up notes, but more like subtitles appearing on top or bottom, depending on where the open space is.

The notes are nice, mentioning the recording and show dates, which scene in each show was shown in the UK but not the US, where the puppeteer's heads are noticeable, when two people are needed for a muppet, arcane details hardly mentioned like Miss Piggy's full name (Miss Piggy Lee, said very quietly by Kermit in one show while others are talking), the name of the theater, the origin of the song, and the like. For the first season (at least) they couldn't get guest stars on a "puppet show", so they pulled favors. Sometimes it is mentioned the connections they used. There's so much more though.

I remember way back when, wondering what the strings under the muppets hand were, even speculating that it was done upside-down. Finally(!), i now know that the muppets are hand puppets with either another pupeteer doing the hands, or two rods controlling them.

And i love Fozzie's jokes.

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Chronicle: Purchased Simpsons and Muppets DVDs, and related

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  • Season 6 is out :S didn't notice .. well its my birthday on Halloween :D So i better ask for that from someone .. I doubt anyone will get me the replacement laptop i need
    • by Chacham ( 981 ) *
      I doubt anyone will get me the replacement laptop i need

      If you give me the money for it, with a slight fee....
      • I'm kind of averse to actually paying for the thing though;) .. I intend on selling my lego Star wars collection .. though it pains me to do it .. then i will get a spiffy new laptop
        • by Chacham ( 981 ) *
          Spiffy laptops are transient. Star Wars is forever. :)
          • They are not getting Slave one and Boba fett though .. or my darth vader with the light up light sabre ... But I have no room for my millenium falcon or the other 60 things
            • by Chacham ( 981 ) *
              I'd think twice before dropping those.

              Then again, my neighbor has an X-wing fighter (was that two decades ago?) and i used used to play with it a lot. I got my own, and hardly played with it.


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