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Journal Chacham's Journal: Rant: Joe Celko is an idiot. 5

So, i'm hanging out in news://, and along comes Joe Celko, who has written a few books on SQL. He knows his stuff, but his pompous style reminds me of Martin Gardner. Though Gardner's writing style aims to intrigue whereas Celko comes to teach.

Anyway, someone posted a comment on using dynamic sql to write a procedure for table creation. Celko responded like a child, the author came with his rejoinder, and Celko got on his soapbox.

The first comment bothered me, the second one got right to me, so i responded. Then he came back with another message that i find to be so funny, not so much in content, but that he actually responded. Or something like that.

First mistake: Refering to publication or teaching job as stamp of authority: After teaching SQL for 20+ years and writing six books on SQL, I disagree.

Second mistake: Sticking in sociopolitical comments to back-up his argument: My "Zen Master with a stick approach" bothers the current generation of whining kids with a sense of entitlement."

The funny thing is, i agree with his second statement.

That settles it, Joe Celko is an idiot, and i will (most likely) never by _his_ books. :)

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Rant: Joe Celko is an idiot.

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  • Celko obviously comes off as a pompous ass, "ESR" style... but he's also right.

    Alot of "database dev" and "dba" types these days learn how to point and click on SQL server or access and frankly don't know shit about databases. I can understand a sql guru like Celko getting bent when some not-so clueful guy starts asking about doing something that is almost guaranteed to have ill effect on whatever database he's accessing.

    To me, that question is like asking a C++ guru about how to use gotos to dynamically ha
  • First of all, his chosen display name is "--CELKO--," which says a lot. Everyone must know exactly who he is, and he obviously deserves all caps. Because that's never annoying.

    Secondly, I would take the answers of the people who develop the tools over someone who merely relates how he thinks they should be used. Granted, I won't claim to be an expert on the subject, so he may be correct in his assertion of practices, but his methods are deplorable.

    Thirdly, "Bad programmers kill people." That's nice Jo
    • Yeah.

      Note that, i agree with his points. I mostly disagree with his presentation of it. I think that is what you are basically saying as well.

      I needed an excuse not to take his books seriously (the title "SQL for Smarties" is childish), and this gave me the final reason. He has good things to say, i just wish he'd take a more passive role.

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