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Journal Chacham's Journal: Verbiage: Kapla and other building blocks 7

Until recently, i thought kapla was a Klingon word. But, with my apologies to Mike Okrand, i now think Kapla as building blocks.

Some time ago i purchased a set of Jenga blocks and played with the tower. My younger brother and i went a bit further by creating different shapes. One set of fifty-four being nowhere near enough blocks, we added more blocks from knock-off sets. Now we can build and build, though the different brands have slightly different shapes, and they havent different pros and cons. One is more sturdy when flat, the other while standing up, and the like. Like the Doozers we built and build, and then play Jenga to take it down. We build and destroy, build and destroy, and there are never quite enough bricks. We have four or five sets now, so that means between 216 and 270 block. A tower can be built, but it must be simple. Get a good foundation, and there's hardly enough to get a good tower going.

This summer a friend came in from Caltech, and one Sunday we went to Cosi Toledo. Besides walking around the entire areas, we had a bit of fun at the water works creating a dam out of sand. I walked away a bit wet. During that time i saw the Kapla blocks, and i finallized realized they could be purchased online at the US site.

That's when i compared to Jenga to Kapla. Jenga block are reletively small, and are much harder to get fancy with. They cost about the same price (say $13 for a set) as the Kapla, unless a knock-off is used and it gets considerably cheaper (about 25%) of the price. But, i can't figure out why it is so expensive. It's just wood. Would purchasing it at a lumber store be that expensive?

I've always liked Lego, but they seem so much more expesive, and the connections are set in a specific way. Turn it on its side, and if it isn't the special piece, it'll fall. Lincoln logs have a similar problem. But straight slats of fair wood fare far better, go further, and stay together once under a little weight.

Either way, building is always a load of fun.

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Verbiage: Kapla and other building blocks

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