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Journal Chacham's Journal: Chronicle: Eating unsalted pretzels. 4

Well, it took some getting used to, but now i like unsalted pretzels. There's still some salt in the dough, but none added in top. The salt is stimulating, but at times too much. Kind of like salty bagels.

I figure this is a good move, given the problems with too much sodium.

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Chronicle: Eating unsalted pretzels.

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  • Growing up my mom rarely added salt to anything she cooked so I never really needed to have salty foods. I've always liked unsalted pretzels.

    But at least I know I'm the exception :-p
    • One of the lucky ones, eh?

      We were saltaholics.
      • Unfortunately, I married a woman who puts a lethal dose of salt into every meal. Which worse than it sounds because I am subject to kidney stones, so staying well hydrated is critical to my health.
        • Heh.

          Salt kills me too. After too much salt, my stomach protests, and water is the only answer.

          I do wish i had less salt, but its a fight every time. Right now, i'm happy with the pretzels. For next, who knows? Maybe sunflower seeds. I did try though, but didn't like the unsalted variety.

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