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Journal Chacham's Journal: Chronicle: Internet at work and DB procedure changes. 2

As i've known from when i got Internet access at work, they monitor it. So my manager, technically my boss's boss, showed my erstwhile boss a list of users under his boss's boss (the director) (that's four levels above me) and their usage. Our group is basically in the top ten. :)

I made the comment to the affect that i must use it most, which was countered by "everyone says that". I do use it a lot, without question. Especially with no Internet connnection at home, i check my email here at work.

Being i'm working with UDB, i spend time reading news://comp.databases.ibm-db2. I sometimes respond, and am learning quite a bit. It is an good resource for to get things done.

Work is slow right now. The product was mostly released, and we're in post-production support, mostly to fix what they want different. It's mostly application work, so i'm off the hook. Though, i did notice a logical error i made, and should be re-writing a bunch of procedures, probably about a hundred, next week. It's minor change, and one that i'm pretty sure i finally figured out how i made the mistake (the mistake of not recognizing the possible problem). If most "real" changes are out of the way, i can send these through to be tested.

Did i mention that i read Slashdot JEs a lot?

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Chronicle: Internet at work and DB procedure changes.

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