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Journal Chacham's Journal: Chronicle: Going slow in the left lane, got obscene gesture. 5

Going to the office again, going north of I-75, the speed limit is 65. I was cruising in the left lane behind another car going 70. The morning rush can cause us to be a bit slow.

As happens alot, and seemingly more and more, some lady in her jeep or something got behind me and started tailgating. So, i slowed down. Over a couple minutes i went slowly down to 65. She just kept getting closer. She obviously saw the car in front of me, so she knew i wasn't going too slowly in the left lane. But as traffic sped up a bit, i kept at 65 and debating about going slower, to cause the distance between us to be much safer. When she finally passed the car on the right, she flew ahead, gave me the finger, and zoomed off. I then went cruising at 85 or so, laughing at that idiot.

A co-worker told me that when he is fingered, he blows them a kiss. He said it actually helped one time, where a scowl became a smile. I wanted to do the same, but it really isn't my style.

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Chronicle: Going slow in the left lane, got obscene gesture.

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  • Unless you moonlight as a cop, nobody put you in charge of enforcing the speed limit. If people want to speed, that's their prerogative.

    The lady in the Jeep isn't the jerk here. You took it upon yourself to block the left lane, and helped slow down traffic for everyone. Every person who adopts a passive-agressive driving technique contributes to the overall level of congestion.

    The left lane is supposed to be for passing. If you feel like driving 60, good for you -- do it in the middle lane. If you don't lik
    • Perhaps you missed the point. I was limited from going any faster by the car in front of me. But the person behind me, who could obviously see that, *still* tailgated. So, i started to slow down to get to a safer speed.

      I know what the left lane is for, and where possible and safe, i use it for that.
  • and I dont mean what the lady in the jeep did.

    going slow in the left lane is my biggest pet peeve. Of course, I cant stand slow people in front of me WALKING, so forget about it for driving.

    The right lane is for slow people, the left lane is for fast people. Its very simple. No need to drive us fast people crazy.

    Now, I wont tailgate if I see you doing that (well, maybe a little, but not badly), because I dislike tailgaters too.. but I will take great satisfaction from imaging ramming my car into the back
  • slashdot being a pain
    I tried to append that since you had no choice - someone was being slow in front of you - it wasnt your fault

    but slashdot really didnt want to let me add that part to my post for some reason

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