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Journal Chacham's Journal: Verbiage: Chrysler segregates parking lot based on car brand 4

Chrysler has a segregated parking lot. That is, the parking garage and half of the parking lot is available only to Chrysler vehicles and if a non-Chrysler car parks there, it gets ticketed. Even on nights and weekends non-Chrysler vehicles must park further away, though they can ask for an escort into the building from security. The basis for this is loyalty. If you're going to work for a company you might as well buy its products. Like using Linux at Microsoft, a foreign product seems unfair.

The more i think about it the more it bothers me. A car is not some vehicle that people buy every day. Even yearly. Unless someone is on a lease, the chances of switching automobiles within a short span of years is negligible. What then does the segregation truly do? Does it promote buying a Chrysler vehicle or leasing one? I'd have to doubt that, since the employee's better pricing would do that. Does it reward a good choice? Actually, i think it just makes everyone else angry.

Yes, it is Chrysler's right, it just seems silly and short sighted. Should i be in the market for a new car, a parking space is not going to get to me. And even if i did get a Chrysler, i'd have to park further away. It just doesn't seem right.

I feel better know. I just wanted to get that off my chest.

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Verbiage: Chrysler segregates parking lot based on car brand

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  • If Chrysler actually gave a rats ass about their product, they wouldn't have such a policy.

    If you're a big carmaker, and your employees are buying competitor's products even after discounts, incentives, and pride... that should tell you something.

    They'd see more Corollas, Ford Focii and Civics than Neons.

    I always noticed that about GM. GM either builds the cars that GM Engineers like or that GM MBAs approve. I always wondered if anyone at Pontiac asked ANYONE "Hey, what do you think about that Aztek!" or if
  • I just loving complimenting Mercedes owners;-)
  • wearing Adidas at Nike's World HQ =)
    BUT! Nike has sample sales where employees can get UBER discounts on apparel and footwear and equipment, plus an employee store 50% off retail...Chrysler I doubt has any of the above or anything even close to it as an incentive for their employees to purchase a shitty car. At least only SOME of Nike's shoes are shitty. PT cruiser..wank wank...prowler..gimme a break...lebaron, worst US made car since 1990.
    • Chrysler I doubt has any of the above or anything even close to it as an incentive for their employees to purchase a shitty car

      Traditionally, car companies sell excess stock to employees at-cost. If you can pick it up at the factory, you can stand to save quite a significant percentage off of your automobile.

      As for the quality of Damier-Chrysler's cars--like all companies still existing in the automotive industry, they fit a niche. Sure, that niche is somewhere between "build to be fixed" Fords or "will r

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