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Journal Chacham's Journal: Verbiage: Bicycle Helmet 2

Well, my neighbor left town and gave me a bicycle. Being my brother's bicycle that i was using has been stolen, this helped. After adjusting the seat and a few other things i was on my way.

When i was younger, nobody wore a bike helmet. Well, a few people did but it was certainly not common practice. Nowadays it seems much more common, and i have been rethinking my choice to not wear one. I went to a store once or twice, but i couldn't find one in my size. The helmets are generally not even close, and the ones that are are quite tight and uncomfortable.

A couple days ago i was riding, and a kid (who knows me) screamed out that the next time she sees me i should be wearing a helmet. Someone must have really impressed the idea upon that 8(?) year old. Just yesterday as i rode again she told me that i should really be wearing one. I told her that i couldn't find one my size, and she lectured me on how it was an excuse. The whole incident is kind of cute, but i thought i'd take a look for a helmet online.

I went to Google and searched for bicylce helmet. The second item (third if counting sub-items) was to someone's questions and answers on helmets, which promotes the idea that bicycle helmets do next to nothing, and that we'd be better off wering helmets in cars.

Hmm... I'm reading what i want to see, so i'm a bit biased. But it is pretty interesting even if it is just about Canada, ay.

I'll probably take another look for a helmet on my way home from work today, but i'm not so enthused.

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Verbiage: Bicycle Helmet

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  • 1.) don't fall off bike head-first.
    2.) create a paper mache' helmet and wear that
    3.) buy a styrofoam helmut and carve it out to fit =)
    • don't fall off bike head-first.

      I guess i can try not to. But seriously, when would a biker fall on his head? Maybe when going downhill quickly and hitting the front-brakes without the back-brakes there may be a chance of it happening. But normally, when?

      create a paper mache' helmet and wear that

      But i don't have any newspaper lying around! Scratch that one...


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