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Journal Chacham's Journal: Verbiage: Enjoying summer

I've been wanting to take some time off to "enjoy summer". To me, that is bike riding, kite flying, visiting the rare visits, row boating, going to the park, and doing indoor computer things such as writing, outside on the laptop.

Unfortunately, with the project i am on *still* not finished, i have been unable to take the time. Though, the project _should_ be done within a month, i am disconcerted over this loss. And this is one that i have been waiting for, well, a year.

Could there be a worse crime than letting the summer fritter away? Is there a greater loss than not appreciating outside? I love working with computers, but nothing simulated matches up to the real thing. Non-recycled oxygen is all its cracked up to be, and although it takes time, the day star can be rightly enjoyed. To me there is little better than writing poetry in the park, or taking a stroll on some quite side street, broken only by the noise of children playing their games.

But here i am, locked away in an office, on a never-ending project, where the mention of enjoying life elicits strange looks from passers by. They think a vacation is something planned, but what do they know. Even their leisure is scheduled. There's got to be something is wrong with that.

Hmm... he finished refreshing the data...back to work. :(

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Verbiage: Enjoying summer

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