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Journal Chacham's Journal: Verbiage: The personal wormhole. 4

Imagine for a moment you created a device that generate a wormhole of sorts, that opened its other end anywhere in the universe based on the settings. That is, you could make it that if you stepped through the base you would end up in Disneyland, the Kremlin, the North Pole, or the moon.

The first thing i thought of were the travel it would allow. But then i realized two other side-effects. One, it would destroy the travel and transportation industries, unless they could not be personal devices, and second, with no restriction on where one could go, no place would be safe from anyone who could get their hands on one. Limiting the devices to a government would put them stop the world, making everyone vulnerable to instant attack.

Star Trek related to these two issues, by limiting the range of teleporters, making them non-personal devices, and allowing for transporter shields. Even replicators were not perfect, and people who didn't have them had to pay.

There's so much that we rely on because of the space we must travel or go through to get places. If that were removed, so much would change.

Hmm... just a thought.

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Verbiage: The personal wormhole.

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  • WHy have phones if you can just wink over to your parents for a brief visit? It would also completely change where we lived. It would be no problem to have a house in the middle of Death Valley because water and food are only a wormhole away!

    It would, I think significantly destroy much of modern ivilization as we know it- which is of course why the Government is keeping this technology secret at Area 51;-)

    • WHy have phones if you can just wink over to your parents for a brief visit?

      First try to answer why people email instead of calling. Sometimes, the impersonal is better, though in many cases it would help considerably. Hmm... long-distance relationships would not be so long-distance anymore.

      I guess i am wondering what would you do if you discovered it. Make it public? Work on preventative on shields? Report it to a government?
      • I guess i am wondering what would you do if you discovered it.

        I'd probably abuse it first, visiting all the places in the world I've always wanted to visit. You could pop over to Ayers Rock for an afternoon and have dinner on a secluded Greek Island. If it also allowed for time travel, I'm sure the History Geek in me would take a looksy at everything for Roman battles to Dinosaurs, to the COnstitutional Convention.

        It would be the ability to planet hop that would probably get me killed however;-) Bu

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