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Journal Chacham's Journal: Review: Star Wars 6 (was bad) (No real spoilers) 5

So, i saw Star Wars, the sixth movie, or is that the sith movie....

Anyway, the story was bad, the acting was bad, the fights were bad, the lines were bad. Only Jonathan Frakes could have made it worse.

As for tieing up the story, well, is sort of does, though in the confusing full of plot holes way the prequels do.

To make specific points.

  Padamay's lines were extremely shallow.
  Anakin's turn was cheesy at best.
  Twice in the movie two scenes happening in different places were synced, and the effect was too forced to have any affect.

  Anything good about the movie? Well, Yoda's demeanor as he just did what he needed to do (guards by emporer's door) was perfect. Force Lightning was used well. The emporer's slip into using the "evil" voice was nice, such as "do it".

  In summary, there is no point in watching this movie other than seeing the full set of movies.

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Review: Star Wars 6 (was bad) (No real spoilers)

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  • I have been fighting tooth & claw to resist seeing this film. Tonight I narrowly escaped by pulling Sin City at a rerun cinema out of a hat.

    I'll probably see it when I don't have to pay for it, I'll wait till a friend rents the DVD or something.

    I hate Star Wars. After 20 years Lucas hadn't taken the time to write a proper story?!?

    • Perhaps he knew what main scenes were to happen. Those points make sense. The story in between is just not good.

      It's as if he was courted by the dark side of movie making, and his lust for money blinded hius judgement.
      • I thought that the story was pretty good, but the Padme and Anakin are atrociously wooden actors. The betrayal of the clone troopers was cool and the various worlds were really interesting.

        The most disappointing thing in my opinion was the wookies -- the treatment of them was far too shallow.
  • I enjoyed the movie but there were some glaring errors in it. It was fun when I pretended I was stupid. :-) Like... you know when you have to pretend to be dumb just so you don't ruin the fun? I had to do that quite a bit in this film, or my wife would get pissed at me.

    I thought it was fun to see where the franchise was going. But yes, this is an episode for the adicts only. It's totally avoidable.

    BTW... Before I went to the movie I rented the PS2 game, which sucked bigtime.

    The thing about the movie that
    • Anakin was never supposed to be a fallen angel. He was always shaky, and it just took a bit to push him over. That under duress he did the wrong thing is acceptable, but that they gave one point (the other points thrown in were hardly developed) and he seemed to consiously agree that he was going.

      What *should have* been done was to make the turn much more slowly, and make it not seem like a turn. When the the "whole picture must be viewed" idea wa mentioned, i thought it was a good point, but it was shortl

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