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Comment Ignorance shouldn't be an excuse. (Score 3, Informative) 37

The biggest problem in IT Security, is all the decision (those people outside of IT) claim ignorance, as those IT guys just talk techno babble.

So when there is legitimate problems, they just ignore IT and tell them to fix it. Vs. trying to take some time to learn about the problem and see if there are other solutions than just a computer fix.

Comment Re:Guardians of the Galaxy tie-in (Score 1) 74

Which is why a lot of people do not like soap operas. Science Fiction offers an escape from our humdrum life to a more exciting one. While a soap opera we just relieve the awkwardness of our teenage/young adult life.

However a good show needs to be strong characters and plot. Many shows while may had been initially popular due to strong character or plot, just don't have the same re-viewing popularity after it has been seen, because if it had a good plot but dull characters you don't care because you know what happens, or strong characters and weak plot you just don't care because there isn't anything driving what is going on.

Soap Opera get a bad rap because of their history of being cheaply produced and written just so they can get many episodes out over a long period of time.

Comment Re:I'm making a note here (Score 4, Interesting) 86

Life is like D&D.
If you work hard add + 3
If you have passion add + 2
If you have advanced education + 1
If you have gotton education in that area + 1
Are you willing to make additional sacrifices to your life (you will get a chance to reroll after each sacrifice)

Now roll the dice. 10 or higher you succeed. 18 or higher you are successful, natural 20 Critical success you roll a natural 1 you automatically fail badly.

Comment Re:GE Invented offshoring (Score 1) 109

The problem is Six Sigma is good for manufacturing, however GE pushed it to other things where the cost of insuring that level of accuracy was greater than letting the mistakes go threw.

So for example following 6S will cost a team 1 day a week of extra work roughly 10 weeks a year of extra work to prevent a problem that will cost an extra weeks of work ever 3 months that will take a week to fix (4 weeks a year) that is just money wasted due to being paranoid of making a mistake.

Comment Re:Skeptical or terrified? (Score 1) 109

GE isn't what I think of as a Start-Up.
As GE is one of the largest companies in the world Currently #11 on the Fortune 500. Having been around for 124 years, there is a well defined GE Culture that is nearly hard to break. For a startup you need to be quick and nible. The culture will need to be flexible smart and not hung up with titles, that isn't GE.

Sure they may be the current leader of IoT however that doesn't make them a startup. I have seen the jobs for the IoT division and mostly they just want a bunch of academics (were having some is a good thing, however too many causes in the box thinking) and not so much focus on real world skills. Hence a lot of the security concerns of IoT. As the focus is on make it work, vs make it sustainable.

Comment Seriously, we have the government we deserve (Score 3, Insightful) 284

Russia has INVADED and IS OCCUPYING a neighboring country (one they laughingly signed a note to protect, no less).
China is essentially playing Age of Empires 2 in the South China sea, grabbing territory by building watchtowers and not giving a fuck about what anyone thinks.
The EU is disintegrating as people start to realize manually bolting countries together doesn't actually make them act like a single country.
Our economy is a sham based on completely phony numbers, contrived to enrich a tiny cadre of elites that drift in and out of power (always making more money with each step) like minglers at a garden party.
Our media is essentially a giant cumrag, soaked and dripping with the lowest-common-denominator vulgarity and venality.
We have one candidate for president that is a COMPLETE ASS and a know nothing buffoon who's like a cartoon character of himself, while the other candidate is corrupt to the very soul of her being, if she HAD a soul.

And what we're worrying about is whether films fairly represent women?

Where the fuck are the Visigoths to come climbing over OUR walls? Seriously, it's about time. If Rome was like this near the end, they probably welcomed it.

Comment Re: The problem with GPL (Score 1) 236

The GPL is a free licence in the same way that the USA is designed to be a free country: it doesn't remove all impositions from those who use it, but the few impositions that it carries are intended to protect the overall independency of its users, so that no single group can impose a non-free version of the whole thing.

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