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Comment Re:"What Difference Does It Make?!?!?!" (Score 1) 397

the alternative is President Trump

Hopefully with a Democratic majority in both houses of Congress, rendering him powerless.

Then, his behavior is likely to get him impeached and tossed out quickly, leaving us with President Pence for three years.

Meanwhile, the DNC is more likely to learn its lesson from a Trump victory than a Clinton victory, and the public might start to become more supportive of election reform. We need ranked or single transferable voting where we can write a "1" and "2" next to those we really want, and a "3" next to the lesser of two evils in case neither #1 nor #2 have a chance at winning.

Comment If you can't attack the message... (Score 4, Insightful) 397

....attack the messenger.

Isn't that pretty much Lawyer Response 101?

Dovetails nicely with the purported "vast Right Wing conspiracy", doesn't it?

If a hacker reveals illegal conduct, is it "less illegal" if the hacker is Russian?
I haven't noticed anyone asserting the emails are not genuine.

Comment Re:Horse Shit (Score 4, Insightful) 318

Valve quit crying because they got bored with SteamOS. A major problem with Valve's "flat" model of no bosses and no structure is that they only work on something if they find it interesting. Once they get bored, it languishes. Half Life 3 is a great example. There was clearly more story to tell, they left it unfinished, and there is clearly market demand for a sequel to the point it would be virtually assured to make money. So why hasn't it happened? Because they aren't interested in it right now. It's not a business or creative decision, it is that people are playing with other shit.

Valve is now fascinated with VR and eSports so that is where most of their energy is going. They are the shiny new toys they like, until they change their mind and chase something else. So SteamOS is in the same general boat as Steam itself in that they work on it a bit and maintain it, but there isn't a lot going on because there are few people interested in it.

Also I think they thought that SteamOS and Steam Machines would be like Steam itself: minimal effort on their part and people would just flock to them and use them in droves. Instead the market has responded with a resounding "meh". They'd need to put in a lot more effort to have a chance of making it happen and they don't want to do that.

Comment Re:Try again. (Score 1) 78

However with Apple Popularity, You would expect to hear about hacking exploits all the time and some open to the world problems that will demand that you upgrade. and Hear about people with old phones who can't upgrade getting hacked and all this other nasty stuff.

Honestly I hear more about android hacks (inside malware available on the Google Store) then from Apple.

I am not saying Apple is golden. However current history shows it is rather good.

Comment There is no, it is doomsaying (Score 2) 318

Maybe it'll end up being true, but so far there is zero evidence. The only thing so far they've done that would in any way limit Steam is that their universal applications (what used to be called Metro) are Windows Store only. So you can't sell those on Steam. Ok, except nobody but MS makes those because nobody gives a shit. The "universal" part doesn't matter, MS's phones and tablets are in their final dying moments so there's no need to make something that runs both on real Windows and Windows RT/Phone.

At this point Win32/64 programs run better and have less limitations, and also have the advantage of running on all versions of Windows not just 10, so that is what people keep making. MS themselves are releasing their games using their new UWP format, of course, but nobody else seems to give a shit.

So it is a meaningless limitation for now. Programs using an API nobody uses won't work with Steam. Who cares? Other than that, nothing has changed or been limited. Steam runs great on Windows 10.

Will something change in the future? We'll have to wait and see. There's no evidence now though, because it hasn't happened. This is a doomsday prediction, and like most doomsday predictions it is based on what the predictor feels to be true, not actual evidence.

Comment Ummm... no (Score 1) 318

For one, they haven't done anything yet. This is Tim Sweeny doomsaying. Now maybe his predictions will be accurate but they are false right now. Presently, Steam works excellent in Windows 10. You download it, install it, and it just works as it does on any other platform. They have done nothing to stop it from working.

You can't scream about "abuse" when nothing has happened. That is like claiming someone robbed you when they didn't actually take anything from you or even say anything to you they just "look sketchy, like they might rob you."

Second, all the monopoly stuff has gone out the windows with Apple around now. You can't argue MS is a monopoly in the desktop arena with Apple selling tons of their products. Macbooks are trendy as hell and all kinds of people buy them. Having a major, viable, competitor defacto makes someone not a monopoly. Same deal in servers to an even larger extent as Linux is huge in the server market. And in phones? Shit MS is hardly a player.

They aren't in a monopoly position anymore, so anti-monopoly arguments don't work.

Comment Re:Netflix has a unique and obvious strategy. (Score 1) 160

They were a couple of Pay per view strategies.
1. Streaming Video rental. - Before the day of internet streaming whenever you wanted it. Cable companies take moves after DVD/VHS release would in essence have it scrambled on a few channels until someone purchased it. Then they can watch the show within hours. Convenient if you didn't want to leave your home to to go the video rental place of if you didn't live near one, or the times mostly align.

2. Live Events. Boxing in particular was popular. As Boxing for the most part had limited appeal to the overall public, and there isn't much time for commercial breaks, as well the length of a match wasn't easy to be fixed. So a PPV Live Event was profitable and convenient as it didn't need to rearrange your schedule and have backup B-Shows ready once it is done.

Comment Re:You made the bed. Now sleep in it. (Score 3, Informative) 247

The problem is that areas had record cold this past winter, and "deniers" get slammed for correlating a weather event to global climate change

Record cold can be evidence for global warming. The key is to understand what "warming" actually is: adding energy to the system. Consider a glass of water. What happens when you add energy to it by shaking it? The answer is, it sloshes around -- the maximum height of the water surface gets higher, and the minimum height gets lower. Or consider the refrigeration thermodynamic cycle: one part of the system gets colder even though the total energy of the system is increasing.

That's not to say that record cold is always evidence of global warming, or indeed that it could never be evidence of an oncoming ice age. I'm just pointing out that the issue is more complicated than "record cold = cooling" or "record heat = heating" considered in isolation. We only know that record heat actually is evidence for heating because it's been observed as part of a larger pattern and was predicted by climate models and such (i.e., all the actual science that climatologists do that a Fox News sound bite is inadequate to explain).

Comment Re:Netflix has a unique and obvious strategy. (Score 1) 160

That is kinda funny, being that Most Sitcoms are
1. based in California.
2. Have at least 1 aspiring actor/actress.
3. a. If about a family: Based in Suburbia
3. b. If about young adults: Based in an Apartment Complex
4. No matter what type of job they have, they can live an upper middle class life style to extreamly wealthy.

Very West Coast Culture in these shows. I am surprised that is very popular in New York City.
Or are you making your assumption due to numbers that correlate with a population heat map. XKCD did it

Comment Re:Netflix has a unique and obvious strategy. (Score 4, Interesting) 160

Netflix collection quality is mostly due to most media companies trying to fight tooth and nail for old distribution method.
The traditional stations are working for advertisers while netflix is working more for the viewer. The traditional media can produce crap and put it on Prime Time to make the advertisers happy (Which is in part of the story quality of the Netflix originals). But for the movies, traditional media wants people to buy BlueRays and DVDs not streaming if possible. Unless they get a good TV Deal, or Pay per view.
I expect Netflix licensing agreement is too risky for many of these companies, so if they are slightly interested they just push out their B Movies to judge the waters. Or they rotate their shows so they feel like they have a cable deal. I notice this with the Star Trek Movies where they have a couple available (Especially the Odd ones) for a month or so then they go away and replace them with an other one.

Comment Re:Apple's on the wrong road (Score 2) 132

It could depend.
The Apple Car invention may not lead to Apple Cars driving the road. However the software learned from making it may be implemented into other standard vehicles beyond the standard entertainment systems.
Lets just say While the Apple Car is a flop but everyone loves the interface on the climate control. Apple could sell this to say Ford or Honda in their cars brand.
Or perhaps the software in the Apple car is far more efficient in using energy so the technology can be sold to Tesla or Toyota.

We seem to expect that progress needs to come from a Disruptive invention however we have gotten a lot of progress from many massive failure inventions. As these failures are often ahead of their time, and may lack one key piece of technology which isn't mature enough or priced well enough to be useful. However the process of invention gets the progress out.

Our Smart Phone looks much like the old Palm Pilot which came from Apples Failure of the newton.

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