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Comment Re:What is up? (Score 1) 17

All this hatred against Uber is getting mighty suspicious! What is up with that? A taxi is a just a taxi after all.

Taking an unlicensed taxi simply means getting into a car with a total stranger. Most of the drivers are probably OK, and most of them probably drive reasonably OK cars; but you don't know that. You could be unfortunate and get the serial rapist, the drunk or the guy who drives something that is falling apart, although it looks OK on the outside.

Comment Re:It has its uses (Score 2) 250

Sure, lets look at two examples:
Iterative program:

variable loop_counter;
for ( loop_counter = 0; loop_counter < 10; loop_counter = loop_counter + 1 )

Functional program:

function do_stuff_loop(x, x)
{ }
function do_stuff_loop(x, y)
do_stuff_loop(x + 1, y)
do_stuff_loop(0, 10)

In the iterative example you have a variable which changes, causing pain to functional programmers who gaze upon it. In the second your iterator is still there, but it's hidden in the stack instead of being explicitly declared.

Comment Re:CEO needs to go (Score 2) 98

The Uber CEO needs to go. He's what's keeping Uber from being great.

From what I hear about Uber, it seems they in so many ways act and think like criminals, but manage to keep just on the legal side of the law. Mostly. That said, though, they are just an extreme example of all the worst aspects of capitalism: the underhandedness, the ethos that says 'if we can get away with it, it must be OK', the lack of genuine care and consideration for their employees, customers and society, the sense of entitlement take what they want no matter what.

It is really sad, I think - there is a good kind of capitalism, where a clever, hardworking man or woman can grow a business from little more than their own abilities and determination, but the whole concept gets a grubby taint from the likes of Uber.

Comment Re:-facepalm- (Score 1) 77

To save the coral from excessive heat, going for dying due to lack of light for the algae?

I think we are already too far down the tracks to stop the loss of a very significant proportion of the existing coral reefs in the world; temperature is only one part of the problem - overfishing using destructive methods and pollution are two other, major factors. We could probably stop the fisheries and pollution quickly (ie. in a few years - to decades) if there was any political will to do so, but the high temperatures will be with us for a long time, no doubt.

Comment Re:It has its uses (Score 3, Insightful) 250

There is certainly value in reducing the amount of state you are managing, but too often it seem like Functional programmers are willing to declare it gone when they've just swept it under the rug. Sure you don't have a variable now, but instead you have the logic tied up in your stack. This is especially true when the language does pattern matches on the parameters to determine which function to call. In the end you have to keep track of that iterator somehow, and I tend to think something like a for loop tends to be clearer than looking through the function headers to figure out how the loop is initialized and when it terminates.

Comment Re:I like functions... (Score 3, Insightful) 250

Yes, it means your functions aren't allowed to have side effects (i.e., all parameters are passed by value and the only result is the value returned to the caller).

Personally, I like it because it's a good way to manage complexity -- kind of like the encapsulation of object-oriented programming, except applied to the verbs instead of the nouns.

Comment Re:No brainer (Score 3, Insightful) 165

The other thing which bugs me is the white washing of old news articles how often that trick gets pulled, I might personally remember an event but find the contemporary records are missing that happens a lot especially in Politics when a past stance becomes embarrassing and then you get told black was white...

This is the single most important reason there could ever be!

Comment Re:Yet another ignorant troll (Score 1) 183

Damn those tyrants in California for believing their vote should count the same as the vote of any other American.

Virginia was able to procure two additional seats in the Senate, thereby increasing their electoral count by two, way back in 1863. What's stopping California from following their lead?

Or maybe California prefers things the way they are.

Comment Re:Email tie-in (Score 1) 70

E-mail is the last service provided by ISPs since Verizon, like many others, no longer hosts web pages for their users. This could actually be a good thing. ISPs are reduced to providing connectivity and nothing else. Now, there is no reason to stick with a given ISP, and those that have choices where they live can shop around for their internet connection.

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