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Comment Re:Cake or death (Score 1) 863

Hmm. Try that in the UK and you'll be getting sued for constructive dismissal the moment you tried "put on administrative leave without pay".

No, you fucking pay me right up until the moment you sack me, and you'd better have fucking good cause. Let alone "because some cunt made a complaint".

And yes, I've been accused of harassment before. For holding a door open for someone. Interestingly I mentioned this to a colleague and he said that at another company he'd had a formal grievance against him for exactly that too.

Zero pay because you held a door open for someone? Where the fuck do you work, and in what imaginary world do you ask a 'prosecutor' to investigate workplace harassment?

Comment Re:Cake or death (Score 1) 863

Well, a manager/staff relationship isn't about being ordered around for money. Managers that think that's the case need educating and the staff that think that's the case need help too.

This isn't child abuse, employees can quit.

Many things aren't child abuse, that doesn't make them acceptable in a work environment. You want to fuck me, that costs substantially more than my current salary and I'm not going to do it as an employee.

Comment Re:Cake or death (Score 1) 863

Do you know anyone working in IT that does not know how to take a screenshot?

Yes. Sadly, yes.

Although.. I don't know how to take a screenshot on my phone. Never needed to, never bothered to learn how.

Hmm. Ok, I need to go find out. Ok, done. Turns out it's a non-standard approach on my phone, but one screenshot successfully taken.

Anyway, yes. Sadly I do know people working in IT that don't know how to take a screenshot - on any device.

Comment Re:I'm not surprised. (Score 1) 863

Yeah. I had an approach from a young attractive subordinate and immediately went to HR for their guidance on how to respond.

I want her to be happy in the office and feel wanted.. just not that wanted.

HR were (surprisingly) fucking useless. "How do you feel?" Well, I'm a single bloke in my 40s and she's an attractive intelligent woman in her 20s, I feel pretty fucking flattered. That's not really the point though is it.

Comment Re:I'm not surprised. (Score 1) 863

Then they compound the stupidity by telling her to expect a bad review from this guy because she brought this up. This pretty much is an admission that HR and management countenance unprofessionalism, allowing managers to use employee reviews to pursue personal issues rather than evaluating the employee's contribution to the company.

In the UK retributive action against someone for raising a grievance is illegal.

A proposition isn't illegal or even actionable. It's just crass, bad manners, stupid and fucking terrible management. Strange that HR think this guy is a high-flyer with a management style like that.

Comment Re: 3 years probation (Score 1) 189

You appear to have omitted alternative threat responses that don't require everybody in the house to be shot.

You know, basic shot like working out what the situation is before bursting in, shooting the dog, throwing grenades at the kids and risking the lives of everyone in the building.

I stand more chance of being shot by the US police than I do by a criminal and I don't even fucking live in the US

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