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Comment Re:I don't agree that these are "conservative" vie (Score 1) 185

The problem is that something as basic as not wanting to bend over, drop your underwear and let an immigrant rape you senseless is now deemed xenophobia.

Exaggerated rhetoric? Barely. didn't include rape. did.

People being told they're xenophobic for trivial shit is one of the reasons Trump is so popular. He doesn't let the labels being attached to him stop him sharing his views.

Comment Re:Starbucks is down too (Score 1) 257

Are you a fucking imbecile?

You really think a corner shop, a bar, the local butcher is going to take their $2000 daily revenue and dispose of it?

Most of that goes straight into the bank. Shit, you don't want a week's earnings sat in the safe.

Comment Re:Sorry - whose car is this? (Score 1) 301

2. How can an Uber driver afford a new Tesla ?

If a Tesla is fully autonomous then how can anybody that can't afford a Tesla be an Uber driver.

Shit, I'd buy as many as I could afford. Let them loose. Use a tiny subset of the rental income to pay someone to look after them and clean them for me.

Except that I can't. Tesla want to do that themselves.

Comment Re:Sorry - whose car is this? (Score 1) 301

When you let your Tesla go out by itself and do Uber driving to make you money, and some malicious bastard makes your car crash and kill someone, are you going to accept the murder charges?

Surely the malicious bastard takes the murder charges? I haven't seen Avis executives going to jail for involuntary manslaughter by their customers recently.

If the car is autonomous, how the fuck is it your fault if someone crashes?

Just how/why is providing a ride sharing service different if you're taking money for it or you're taking blow jobs from your sister in law for it? Tesla differentiate between the two but legally they're pretty much the same.

Then wake up, cream puff.

Yum. If I was a cream puff I'd stay at home and lick myself.

It's about Tesla looking after YOU !!!
Protecting you from your own stupid instincts.

No, it's about Tesla trying to earn money from their customers through royalties/commission or just through directly controlling the entire revenue stream.

Comment Re:Round 1, begin (Score 1) 130

he Mistrals were helicopter carriers. A helicopter carrier is not a new concept, nor is there anything particularly advanced about it.

That doesn't stop it being France's most advanced warship.

You're also rather naive if you think a warship is just a chunk of metal and maybe a couple of wocka wockas.

The French have historically actually been very good at designing and building warships. Just utter shite at fighting in them.

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