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Comment Re:This is stupid (Score 1) 158

An option I always disable. The RDS stream was unfeasibly rarely useful that it's not worth the distraction.

Surely a better answer is to just prosecute drivers that are too fucking stupid to realise that there's an emergency vehicle right behind them, they're in the way and everybody else has already made room.

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 1) 764

Given that the truth is that Chelsea Manning is female, it's good to hear that you don't feel she's trying to control how you think.

Of course, your logic is flawed in more ways than I can be arsed to enumerate, not least that humouring others' delusions would make you more stupid. Leaving aside whether you could become more stupid it's generally the case that the more intelligent someone is, the greater the allowances they need to make for those around them. It doesn't make them more stupid, it means they're tolerant, accepting and have the understanding needed to stop being a total cunt.

Me, I'm happy to act a total cunt and tell you straight: You're just stupid.

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 1) 764

While I do agree, and I tend to use male or female pronouns appropriate to how someone presents themselves (to the extent that I'll refer to men at a tarts & vicars party as 'her') I do struggle somewhat with the multitude of additional pronouns the gender fluid are seeking to introduce and mandate.

Sie or zie or ze or hie or hir? Sorry, no. Him/her/it is as much as my limited brain can handle, pick one of those and I'll do my best to remember.

Comment Re:Fucking bullshit ... (Score 1) 278

Are you shitting me? My manager is younger than me, female and American so of course I swear while talking with her - because none of those things, including her being my boss, are relevant.

Anybody trying to preach at me tends not to hear me swearing at them. The more I'm pissed off with someone the more polite I get, because I'm choosing my words very fucking carefully. What I really want to say to most preachers would get me arrested.

It's called language. Some of us have a strong command of it. Some of you don't. It's not our fault if some delicate fuckwit can't handle the word cunt.

Comment Re:Fucking bullshit ... (Score 1) 278

I can't use profanity because my Facebook Friends are actual friends, acquaintances, family and stuff.

I swear when talking to friends, acquaintances, family and.. well everybody.

"Want to go to the cinema tonight?" "Fuck that, I'm not paying their shitty prices. Lets go to that dance instead"

This is called conversation and people that can't handle it can fuck off.

Comment Re:I get this... (Score 1) 399

The hotels I've seen are not luxurious, nor are they cheap.

The five star hotel I stayed in would maybe only be a 4 star elsewhere, but the $30/night I paid is definitely cheap for that quality.

The food in the buffet is inedible

Fortunately there are plenty of other options available, including a bloody excellent steak house I found.

I did not find the shows enjoyable

Ah, ok. I can't help you there. As with one of the other replies, I did find Penn & Teller every bit as entertaining as I'd hoped, and I also enjoyed the weird watery alternative to Cirque du Soleil that I went to. But that's all very subjective and I hope the shows weren't too costly for you.

Las Vegas is horribly fake and quite awful in many ways, but the hotels, the food and the shows are not things I'd criticise.

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