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Comment Re:OMG (Score 1) 376

Finish early, ask, "What's next?"

Finish early, find something productive to do, do it.

Help out colleagues that aren't as blessed with spare time.

Gain new skills that'll be valuable to your employer.

Track your estimates against your completion times, use that to help your boss better allocate your time.

Yell when you've tried all those, I'm sure I can find some more options for you.

Comment Re:Trump fix? (Score 1) 300

Which is bullshit.

Go on holiday to fucking India and get your own time off if that's the criteria.

You're either lying, or just don't know how to ask for and take time off. I've worked for multiple American companies and staff take holiday at all of them - a lot of holiday.

Comment Re:Do Software Engineers Need to Register? (Score 1) 727

If you didn't graduate with a degree in software engineering then you are not really a software engineer.

Really? No. A degree in anything is a fucking degree, and isn't a prerequisite for professional status or taking on a given role.

Shit, you think chartered accountants all have degrees in accounting?

I'll measure someone's software engineering credentials by their knowledge, their practices and their ability to deliver working software, not by the fucking degree they managed to pass.

Comment Re:Car insurance (Score 2) 248

Don't lie to get the cheaper insurance. It'll invalidate it entirely.

Instead, take the expensive insurance from the second cheapest provider. Use the fact you're now insured to get a valid cheaper quote from your favoured insurer. Now use the 14 day no-fee "I changed my mind" option to cancel with the first insurer.

All legitimate and side-stepping inane ways to measure risk.

Comment Re:Basic (Score 1) 630

Delphi, which is Borland Pascal for Windows

No. Borland Pascal was a rebrand of Turbo Pascal and was object oriented.

Delphi introduced Class and was a much stronger OO language. Syntactically it had a lot of overlap with Borland Pascal but it was very clearly a different language.

I programmed professionally in both. Delphi was an interesting deviation from what I'd done before; Delphi 2 really just stepped away in 'never coming back' way.

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