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Comment off YouTube...? (Score 1) 240

Er, not unless your parents and friends' parents were very well off, or all of them were in the military and bought their equipment duty-free in Asia you didn't.

No, we weren't wealthy...lower middle class.

No one said you bought the WHOLE system at once, no we could not afford that.

I started off with a present from Santa in about 4th grade...a department store little stereo of a turntable and two small speakers..which maybe were 1'x1'x1'.

Not the best sound in the world, but where I started.

I saved my money, and bought a decent Marantz receiver......when I was sick, my Dad found a closeout deal on some decent for the day larger speakers and got them for me, I think they were Fisher speakers. I later saved and got a decent pioneer turntable. Later, I added a nice Sharp cassette deck (one of the first ones that could auto detect spaces and you could song skip on it.

Later years, I saved and bought a used Nakamichi cassette.

Later years...I found a deal on some old Klipsch Cornwall speakers from the 70's...cabinets had some wear but they sounded great, got those for $700.

Along the way the marantz blew up and I got a good deal on some display units of Carver pre-amp and amp....years later the Cornwall speakers got stolen...and I haggled with insurance to get Klipschorns that were display from an shop and got the pair for only $1600. That's a fraction of the price they usually are.

And from there..I found a good little tube amp from a company named Declare online....back when I got my pair (run them bridged for front channels) they were about $499/each. Now mind you at this point, I make a good living.

But I didn't start that way when I was young. I bought, built and traded through the years and through the different technologies with CD, BluRay, etc.

I do decent now, with some disposable income, but I"m now wealthy by any stretch of the imagination. While my hearing isn't what it used to be, I can still tell the difference in sound quality....AND more importantly, a system that doesn't give me "ear fatigue" and allows me to listen pleasurably for hours.

Sure I have iPods and decent shure earphones for the gym and I listen to mp3's for there and the car, since in those environments you aren't gonna hear a discernible difference, but for home and real can't beat a good system, and there is no replacement for air displacement.

Comment off YouTube...? (Score 1) 240

What's an audio shop?

The masses today have no idea what you're talking about and no connection to your experience. It's just golly gee swell that you had that slice of life, but it is completely irrelevant in 2016.

Err..there are still plenty of higher end audio shops out there, I've been to them.

Hell, even the chain Best Buy has in some stores a high end area called the "Magnolia Room"....I was at one a couple weeks ago, they had the McIntosh MC275 tube amp.

Its out of my range right now...but looking for one of the older 60's Mc's....that can be had for a fraction of the new price.

But audio shops are not a thing of the past, I see them in many towns/cities I visit. Maybe not as prolific as in the past, but they're still out there.

Comment off YouTube...? (Score 2) 240

So no, I do not put value into decent sounding music. To me music is like a hammer, a tool to either share time with friends or family (that is what I value);

Hmm...I think this new way of thinking about music is a loud statement on the quality of music content being put out today.

Musicianship has gone out the door, and I think it is exemplified by music not seeming important to youth as yourself, no emotional or binding common anthem for your generation. I think popular music died sometime just at the start of the 90's for a plethora of reasons.

Your post is kinda starting to confirm that for me.

I find that sad.

Comment off YouTube...? (Score 1) 240

I wonder if we grups sometimes lose sight of what it's like to be a kid with no money.

I didn't grow up in poverty, but was lower middle class.

My parents didn't buy me luxuries for the most part. As I mentioned, I worked before I was 16yrs mowing yards and babysitting to earn extra money. When I was 16yrs, I started washing dishes in a restaurant and worked my way up to head bus boy through HS.

I worked hard, made money and saved to buy each audio piece (and other things I wanted). I didn't buy it all and once, and basically I did this through my life so far, saving, finding a deal and upgrading pieces here and there.

I used to have to save for a good bit before I could buy that AC/DC record (when it was new on vinyl)....

Do kids not work summer jobs and part time through high school anymore? Does mommy and daddy now buy EVERYTHING for the snowflakes?

Comment off YouTube...? (Score 1) 240

This is 16 to 24 year olds we are talking about,

Well, when I was 16-24yrs, I was into and enjoyed high fidelity friends all did as well.

Hell, when I was about 12yrs, I went into a high end audio shop at the time, and heard my first pair of Klipschorns hooked to a McIntosh tube amp...and was hooked.

I've been building my system ever since then...started with little crappy stereo from Santa for xmas one year...and over the years with $ from lawn mowing, and baby sitting, I bought and traded through life.

I'm close to that now. I have the Khorns, hell, I have a whole Klipsch surround system, with Cornwalls as my surround speakers. I don't have the McIntosh amp (yet), but do have a pair of nice single ended tube amps for the front channels.

But I wasn't the stand out of my day...all of my friends for the most part worked for and bought good stereos for home. We did have mobile, using the old walkman with cassette tapes...

So, wondering when the masses stopped caring at all about how the music sounded?

Comment off YouTube...? (Score 3, Informative) 240

I have to imagine the quality of this music is pretty dismal?

First..on YouTube, so you don't know the source and quality and then ripped to lossy mp3 format, and I'm guessing it isn't likely to be very high quality mp3.

This is almost analogous to trying to record songs off FM radio onto cassettes...except without having to dodge the DJ talking over the music.

Does no one put value into decent sounding music (just talking about the fidelity of the recording here, not getting into the quality of actual musicianship in the modern day).

Comment Re:Left field / outside the box is American cult (Score 1) 380

Am I the only one who read "Asian" as a politically correct version of "Indian" in this story?

Ok..that clears up some of my confusion.

When I hear Asian, I think of Oriental type folks (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc)....and I was wondering why they were having problems with them, as that they are often some of the more brilliant folks I've worked with.....

But yes, with the Indians (dot)....I find they they indeed are of the model where they are generally ok following rote procedures, etc, but they do not seem to have much imagination on solving new problems or coming up with innovative ways to do things at the job.

And I know my ears are getting older, but man, I just can NOT understand some of them when they try to speak English. Not only is the accent so thick, but so often them speak so softly that they are almost mumbling, especially on teleconferences.

Comment Re: This simply means we're succeeding. (Score 1) 220

But I was a Blue only 5 years ago!

I see you are now blinking red/black, that means you are on Last Day citizen...when you officially turn 21yrs, please turn yourself in for "Sleep"...otherwise, the Sandmen will come for you, and you don't want to face The Gun shooting a homer at you....very unpleasant.


Comment Re:This simply means we're succeeding. (Score 1) 220

Air travel should be something that you do when you're crossing an ocean, because trains over water (and subduction zones) are physically impractical, and ships are too slow to be practical.

You have fun with that....

If my drive time is more than 3-4 hours, I fly.

I'd rather fly a few hours and get somewhere and have drinks brought to me, rather than drive long highway miles for the most part.

I can afford it....why not do it?

With all the cities and such, I doubt high speed rail work work that well in the US, it would constantly have to be slowing down for cities and intermediate stops. Flying is much quicker than that.....

Comment Re:Yup (Score 1) 293

Unless IMDB is physically present/headquartered in CA, I can't see how California can enforce fuck all with regard to this on IMDB....?

At the very least, this pretty much IS a govt entity censoring a private entity on what they can publish as free speech.

I would have to imagine this law would be thrown out on first appeal...

Comment Re:In other news... (Score 1) 219

I tried that with an HDHomeRun. I wanted to get some DVR software running on my computer, but couldn't get it to work right.

I did that years back with HDHomerun and MythTv.

I just now switched to OTA again..this time, I priced out the hardware needed and found that the Tivo Roamio OTA unit was only about $399...and it was cheaper to do that for a 4 tuner unit than to buy the HDHomerun units (2 of them) and the computer to run it on.

Look into the Tivo OTA unit...lifetime service for $399.

I got the Tivo minis to stream from main unit to tvs in bedrooms and office..each only about $125 or so.

It works great although setup is a bit clunky for the tivo minis takes a long time for registration on them to take online and have it pushed to main unit.

You have to reboot the main one after it gets the update (up to 24 hours later)....but once it all hooks up, works flawless and great tivo guides and ease of use.

Comment Re:Eh? (Score 0) 47

Well, I'll be the first to risk Flamebait mods by saying it: this summary reads as though it was written by someone whose first language was Hindi or something similar.

Nah..Slashdot just finally outsourced their editors...or maybe just imported H-1B workers to do the work.

Seems about the same quality I've seen from most of those type of workers so far in real life.....

Comment Re:CABLE and SATELLITE (Score 1) 219

Cut the cord!

Yep, I"m just about to tell ATT Uverse to cut me off an keep their high $$ service.

I had the U200 package and it was about $113/mo.

I've set up an OTA antenna, and grab all my local channels, and have that set up with a Tivo OTA box (new version with lifetime service included) which was about $399.

I priced out building my own DVR box using HDHomerun tuners and for a 4 tuner system like the Tivo, it would have been about the same or a bit more, plus I'd have to do it.

I got 2 of the Tivo mini units for my other bedrooms, and office, so I have OTA dvr and streaming to all tvs.

For what I call the "cable channels" that I would miss...I have some amazon fireTV units at each tv, and on them I have Playstation VUE, their mid priced $35/mo package that streams 70+ channels, including all the ESPN ones, the SEC channel (the only sports I watch are college football really), I get all the cable news channels (CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, Fox Business, etc...). I also get TCM, TBS, FX, FXX...and much more.

I havne't done the HBO type channels in so long...after a week you've seen everything you need for a month...not worth it to me.

I have Netflix and Amazon Prime.

With internet is a business connection and I need it for my livelihood, so I do not count it towards any cost savings or cost for my TV needs.

I had netflix and amazon before too.

SO, i'm basically dropping from $113 a month, to $35/month.

The system is sound and works...and besides having 3 remotes at each TV, I don't really notice anything the Cable gave me that I don't have now.

I'm only noticing I won't have AXS or the Velocity channel anymore....but I didn't watch them all that often.

I figured roughly on the hardware I'll break even in about 7 or so months....

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