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Comment Re:We dont need a better private mode-- (Score 1) 126

Eternal September was the death of the internet.

I too enjoyed telneting into text worlds and using archie to pull scholarly papers. (That is not sarcasm btw).

But the Eternal September is what brought us all the kickass internet stuff we have now. Without the influx of users it would be basically useless.

Comment Re:Will be interesting (Score 1) 35

I agree with this. I'm about 80% google on my computer because I prefer chrome to Edge, but I'm 99% bing on my phone. No real difference on results, but the little extras are slightly better on bing.

My one cynical thought on this is where are all the people who always say "Microsoft just copies other people" and now here's something they've been doing for 6 years and now google is copying. And... silence?

Comment Re:I actually liked this feature (Score 1) 190

Obviously I meant inside and I've never written down a password in my life since not all of us are idiots?
Also, I don't really understand why everyone even secures their wifi. I leave guest mode open. You can use my bandwidth and my devices are fairly secured against attack already.

Comment Re:This is a good thing (Score 1) 547

Well the rest of the world is extremely net positive overall. A quarter million new people or so a day.

This just means that European culture will die out as it's being replaced by immigrants from the middle east and Africa. (Who tend to have a net positive rate so Europe will expand more later on, just not White Europe)

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