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Comment Re:Municipal/County Fiber (Score 1) 168

That's pretty funny, since I'm looking at my last CenturyLink (telecom) bill and it contains a specific line item fee for "franchise at 3%."

Apparently my city can, and does, franchise the local telecom, despite this special "federal regulated" status they hold.

No..... For a Telecom, that is basically also what they call part of the basic permitting necessary for access to rights of way. FCC S-253 has allowed municipalities to impose their building codes, construction schedules, etc and charge a nominal fee to recover no more than their costs of managing the public right of way. The municipalities are not able to impose further obligations, For example, they cannot set out any questions or requirements about services, they cannot require financial information, They cannot make Approval or Denial based on the discretion of officials in the muncipality.

n Bell Atlantic-Maryland, Inc. v. Prince George's County, 49 F. Supp. 2d 205
(D.C. Md 1999)

Comment Re:Intel creates tether (Score 1) 10

Uh, why can't they recreate the i960 or even i860 for this, and release that? Where is it written that an embedded processor for IoT has to be an ARM or an x86? Granted, their attempts at going away from x86 had repeated failures, but that doesn't imply that they can't produce a successful non x86 CPU for non Wintel applications

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 120

No, but a 4-year boy may not know that, and presumably you need to unlock the phone for Siri to respond to activation command.

From the lock screen, if you swipe down, you get the search box, w/ the mic icon on the right, which would enable Siri. Granted, the 4 yr old may not know that, but if he's smart enough to use mom's finger, I'd expect he's smart enough to have explored such nooks & cranies of an iPhone. Of course, I'm talking here about iOS 10.2.1: not sure whether they would have had an older version, for whatever reason.

Comment Re:Reality check (Score 1) 342

If the Senate voted approximately along party lines to repeal this, then chances are the GOP as a whole is for it. They already have a major advantage in the House, and so it's unlikely that they would vote to repeal it.

That then leaves the question of where the president stands on this. While he does have opinions on everything up to the future of 'The Apprentice', I wonder whether he has one on this particular issue. Also, in the Senate, how did Libertarians, such as Rand Paul, vote? If they voted for it, then there's probably a reason other than that - like negating bureaucratic overreach and putting the issue before Congress

Comment Re:Use A Big Pipe (Score 1) 168

My suggestion would be one company is going to control ALL the fibres that go through a particular section of conduit, adhering to some strong guidelines regarding the management, that way there's one company to blame, and not an anarchy of 100 companies to fight with each other and damage each other's cable. That way they could just put in one huge run per conduit, and no need for 100 small pipes wasting precious space

The plant-managing carrier for that segment of conduit can manage all the individual physical fibres as they like, provided they meet Service Level Availability requirements and Repair/Re-splice performance requirements, But set their legal requirement such they must Be a carrier that sells _ONLY_ Physical plant access in that area (Not related to any entity selling IP services) and _Only_ to licensed Layer-2 transport providers who have signed agreements which include L2 providers will provide services offered equally to competing ISPs, and Fair Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory Pricing for all involved, Must use field muxing technology such as DWDM on each fibre. The number of possible Colors Times the number of Installed and tested strands is considered the installed fibre circuit capacity.
The plant management carrier will not lease, rent, or offer more than 25% of the available circuit capacity at any given time to any one Telecom/ISP or to any one customer, to maintain compliance the total calculated available capacity must be reduced if it is found a fibre or color is broken or out of spec, and not repaired within a 72 hour grace period, also if two customer ISP's become related such as in an acquisition, the two providers must surrender enough capacity to keep their total below the 25% for each conduit segment...
And any particular L2 carrier may not offer more than 15% of their provisioned capacity on any segment as a dedicated, guaranteed, or priority network connection particular to any 1 customer or group of customers, the rest must be shared and available equally to all customers and applications, and the L2 carriers may not discriminate or refuse to sell services to any customer who is willing to commit to at least 1 year service 10 Megabits or higher, the L2 providers may not restrict, throttle, Randomly drop or refuse to forward any frames, or charge different prices per Gigabit purchased, except for cases of more than 100% usage of Purchased datarate, and 95th-percentile promised burst capacity usage: the L2 transport providers may not discriminate based on size of customer network, whether the customer is residential or a business, link speed purchased, cumulative number of bytes transferred, contents of packets, etc. The only allowed traffic management by L2 providers is to set a limit on the total maximum Datarate that any single one of their customers will be allowed to purchase --- the L2 providers should be required to expand their capacity or reduce their existing offerings on any conduit segment where purchased offerings advertise in peak burst datarate exceed 2000% of the bandwidth they have physically provisioned,
or where base datarate or the sum of Top-line rates or for "Whatever claimed service speed or most-prominently listed speed is in advertising materials" for purchased services over a segment exceed 800% of the physically provisioned bandwidth available to those services.

Comment Re:OK in Barstow, but ... (Score 2) 168

When you pull the cable during construction you can verify and fix the conduit before you install the asphalt and close it all up.

That's not a necessary capability. I know people who do directional boring to install conduit.
You basically get one shot to do it right. There's no "going back to fix the conduit", because it's buried and covered right away.

If you know what you're doing, and you do it right, there will be no issues pulling the cables through.

The Dig once thing could be a very smart idea, but the road planners do need to be given options to align the conduit that will be laid with where it will be most useful, otherwise the material cost will just make roads unnecessarily more expensive......

Comment Re:Municipal/County Fiber (Score 4, Informative) 168

The issue with a city competing with an incumbent cable provider is one of contracts.

Stop confusing Cable and internet. The municipalities are not competing/wanting to compete with Cable TV providers or violate their contracts by laying their own fiber and providing internet.

The big broadband providers, including cable companies lobbied states to get special laws passed designed to kill the municipal projects.

The cable provider has a franchise that has all sorts of conditions and requirements

No: municipalities are only able to do this for Cable TV Service, the franchise agreements don't apply to other services that the municipalities are not empowered to create a monopoly in for the first place. Telecoms that put in and own fibre optics on the other hand are federally regulated and cannot be franchised by a municipality.

Comment Re:Nothing to worry about (Score 2) 71

It seems to be the same in the the USA (Arizona at least). The police seem to view burglary as an unavoidable fact of life, and burglars seem to never get caught and even if they are, hardly prosecuted (presumably because most of them are actually druggies that just need to steal something to sell, in order to get their next fix).

It's the same in every medium to large city in the entire U.S. Past a certain population size, the police cease to treat property crime as a crime anymore. Burglars have broken into homes in my neighborhood and taken thousands of dollars worth of items, and the police only show up long enough to give the homeowner a report to file with his insurance company. Your stuff is gone, and you'll never see it again. There are well-known serial burglars (generally vagrants and druggies) wandering around my neighborhood who have been arrested dozens of times, and residents are helpless to stop them. Their descriptions and names are common knowledge - nothing is done. They know that as long as they don't assault a resident or use a weapon, they are untouchable. It is a constant source of frustrated discussion on the neighborhood Nextdoor site.

But the problem with tolerating property crime as part of the "cost of living" is that occasionally it leads to something far worse. Case in point: about three weeks ago, a woman living in a recently gentrified neighborhood was stabbed to death by a homeless guy when she woke up to find him burglarizing her condo (she had forgotten to lock her door). Security footage showed the guy looking for unlocked car doors along the street, and then trying out doors in the condo complex. A police precinct station was less than half a mile away, but it might as well have been 50 miles away as far as police patrols were concerned.

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