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Comment 5th amendment applies to testimony only (Score 2) 22

The United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit said: "Mr. Levandowski argues that he is entitled to relief under the Fifth Amendment because production of the unredacted privilege log could potentially incriminate him.

The privilege log is a DOCUMENT.
Since when did the 5TH Amendment apply to Documents or other Tangible written evidence, Ever?

As far as I know, if you commit a crime and write something about it in your private diary, then Yes, the police ARE allowed to use it against you, and you can be prosecuted in court based on this evidence. Hell..... they can even use it against you if you make a note about it on your smartphone and secure it with a passcode. Courts have ordered people to hand over their passcodes.

So why would the guys at Uber think this would go any differently than the well-established standard that once a piece of information is made into a tangible form, whether written to a piece of paper, Or saved to a hard drive, the 5th amendment does not protect the medium from seizure, analysis, and compulsory decryption if necessary to access the info, And the 5th amendment no longer protects the information once recorded?

Comment Re:Poor life decisions (Score 1) 292

I'm all for personal responsibility, but do you have any idea what a simple 1200 SqFt home goes for in this place?

In this overcrowded space, 1200 SqFt dedicated to your use is NOT simple, that is a Luxurious home that only the rich can afford. The price is high BECAUSE the demand is high. The simple answer is: Eventually the cost will be so high that you're financially justified in spending more $$$ on commuting, telecommuting, or working someplace else.

High demand and low available space EQUALS High Price or Exhaustion of supply. There's no getting around the fact that supply is limited........ If government tries to subsidize people with six-figure incomes, they'll just wind up raising the price even more, at least for the people with barely enough income that they no longer qualify for the subsidy.

The high price is how the markets respond to the shortage to tell you that you should move elsewhere, And
the high price that developers can charge for rents/sales also justifies developers consuming larger and larger amounts of resources to try to squeeze in more people, whereas, without that incentive there would be less total usable housing.

Comment Re:I feel like it's already been done. (Score 1) 32

POSIX never did much for portability, despite its name. There is a reason software written for Solaris didn't seamlessly recompile for other Unix platforms, and it wasn't until Linux (and BSD) arrived as a common cross-platform OS that this was possible. Or else, other Unix vendors would have been pretty competitive w/ Sun on marketshare

Comment POSIX? (Score 1) 32

EdgeX Foundry is unifying the marketplace around a common open framework

Isn't that what POSIX is for? If you write your code for POSIX, it'll run on almost anything.

What is the status of POSIX these days? It's been decades since the IEEE defined it, and we had 2 or 3 generations of UNIX wars (AT&T vs UCB, Sun vs OSF and Linux vs BSD). We also have Open Group define whether any OS is Unix certified or not, and the only living ones that I know of that are so certified are OS X, Solaris, AIX and HP/UX. Of these, only the first is still healthy and developing, while the others are as legacy as Mainframe OSs, like OS/400.

The other thing about IoT: doesn't it automatically have to be IPv6 enabled? So that one could have them run in a peer to peer network, using Link Local addresses (fe80::/10), have them in a VPN using Unique Local addresses (fd00::/6) or on the open internet using their normal routable addresses, without going through NAT (but definitely having the firewall). I'm assuming that people won't be stupid enough to try IoT w/ IPv4, since that would cause any number of NAT layers, and pretty much reduce it to what Netware was - layer 2 networking

Comment Re:I just make my own (Score 1) 32

I love the concept of IoT, but I hate how its implemented in most things. I don't need accounts, cloud services, statistics, blahblahblah.

So I just roll my own. It's fun and educational. About to start hacking horizontal blinds with motors now ;)

This is a good point. There is no reason IoT shouldn't be private. Manage them from your iPhone or Android or Lumia by all means, but there is no need to have a gmail or or icloud account. Maybe have a private server at home, which manages all the IoT devices, and have a way of remote logging into that from outside - maybe from an iPad. That is all that's needed.

There is no reason for the world (read: businesses) to know that you're out of butter, or prefer Corbett Canyon to Robert Mondavi

Comment Re:FSF = not practical (Score 1) 166

Had Stallman simply used the accurate description of his software - calling it 'Liberated' instead of 'Free' software, he'd have done fine. Instead, he avoids using that word, while using a Spanish word for it, narrowing its appeal. Given how Leftist he usually is in all his world views, I am puzzled that he doesn't use 'Liberated' to describe any software that's fully compliant (according to him) with the 4 freedoms.

Comment Re:harsh (Score 1) 166

Oh, nobody in the Left actually lives the way they advocate. Like Leo DeCaprio, who is on his jihad against AGW, but still uses his private jet(s) or flies about all over the world, increasing the carbon footprint. Nor do they trade all their excess cash for carbon credits. What exactly is your definition of the difference b/w Progressive vs Socialist vs Marxist, aside from the branding for public acceptance reasons?

The US taxation system is very much socialist, and the IRS is the closest thing that the US has to the ex Soviet KGB. It has been enhanced over the years by Democrats, and all that Republicans did in response was try trimming it some, as opposed to completely eviscerating it.

Comment Re:Verizon (Score 1) 196

And speaking of "what can you afford", I've found that with my phone on Verizon and my wife's on AT&T (she's still on her parents' plan after fifteen years of marriage), one of us will have service almost anywhere. If you can split the big two carriers, you can vastly improve your service availability. The new Verizon "unlimited" plans are well above my usage level, and treat Canada, USA, and Mexico as one big no-roaming zone for call and text (though they do throttle you after 500 MB/day data in CA/MX).

Comment Re:additionnal lines (Score 1) 196

There's one person's name on the bill, and that person has pay the whole bill (and subsequently collect from everyone else) every month. When you're all family, this is pretty straightforward. Can be trickier with friends. Furthermore, from the add-on's perspective, would you really want someone else to be able to cancel your phone service at any time, no questions asked, because they're the account holder and you're not?

Comment car music controls (Score 1) 166

Yeah, they are just switches, wise guy! But they are easily accessible switches, which is not so important if I'm sitting on a sofa doing nothing, but is definitely much more important if I'm driving and shouldn't be getting my attention diverted from the road.

And no, they didn't force me to buy an iPhone: FaceTime did (and that's another story). But I like watching music videos while listening to them on my phone or tablet, I want the music to be local to the device and not have to be online for Vevo or YouTube to access it, and I don't want to have 2 copies of the same song on any device - one in mp4 and another in mp3. So I choose to just have music in mp4 format. Which works beautifully at home, but creates an issue in the car. That is - to smoothly change what songs I'm listening to w/o having to turn to my phone and go into it, which would take my attention off the road.

What they did force me to buy was a few songs from iTunes, so far amounting to ~$20. Those switches are not controlling me, but to my disappointment, the only things they properly control are my iToys, but not my Lumia.

Comment Re:Stallman's jihad: beating something w/ nothing (Score 2) 166

I never said that Stallman shared Stalin's ideals. I did imply that he has goals similar to what Stalin had, except that whereas Stalin eviscerated entire populations and conducted genocide, Stallman wants to wipe out businesses that operate on principles different from what he believes in. Yeah, he doesn't want to kill people, but he wants to stamp out all ideas other than his own. Not a whole lot better than the Soviet leader.

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