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Comment Re:A news? (Score 1) 178

There's a salient point here, but it's not the one the author is trying to make.

Apple's strategy includes the fact that they make phones which will take the same updates as later phones - at least, to a point. Why aren't android phone makers doing this?

It's a great tool to keep people in your ecosystem. Every time a person goes out and shops for a new phone, they look at all makes and models. If you have a system that defines an upgrade path for users, where they know they'll never be left behind on an antiquated OS, they're MORE likely to upgrade, not less likely.

If android were more portable, or if carriers made their implementations more portable, they could achieve this. So far, it seems the android phone makers' attitudes are to do only enough to sell the phones, and then move on to selling the next phone.

In Apple's case, they sell both the phone and the OS platform. That role is split on the Android side of things. Google provides the OS to the OEM, who slaps it on the phone, and forgets about it once the customer's out the door. Oh, and there are the carriers as well. As far as Apple goes, they had the clout to force carriers to let them provide end users the upgrades directly, as opposed to the carriers certifying them.

Similarly, good idea would be for Google to be the one certifying each phone for any OS upgrade, rather than the carrier. That way, the OEM doesn't have to focus on something that they have no interest in, while Google can work on getting all those Honeycombs, Ice Cream Sandwiches & Kitkats all over to Nutella so that they don't have to maintain 14 versions of their OS. Each task is taken up by those w/ the greatest vested interest in them being successfully fulfilled.

Comment Re:This is why (Score 1) 157

Ahh can't fault the guy. Some people like the position they have currently and don't want to change/climb higher in the pay rank. I work with a couple of people who've been on the IT help desk for 18, 19 years and that's what they'll stay at because they just feel like it. More power to them. I'd rather keep learning/trying to climb higher.

50k is fine, but Joe is right. In Si Valley, you'd have to live in a dump w/ that pay

Comment Re:Defective by Design (Score 1) 159

apple pay isn't new, and was on android phones a long time ago. Face time has an android equivalent now. Don't be a sucker.

I'd have to check which of them my cards work w/. I have Android Pay on my Moto-X. On the Lumia, I have a 550, rather than a 950, so Microsoft Wallet won't support payments on that model.

Comment Re:Defective by Design (Score 1) 159

So did iPhone 5s, except that it was top of the line and I didn't buy it for that reason. Now, it's I think the mid level. I don't have a Samsung, but from what I know, it's less of an issue on Samsung since that phone has SD cards as well, which iPhone doesn't. I doubt that I'll have so many apps that 32GB won't be enough.

Comment Re:Smart nation (TM)!!! (Score 1) 43

One thing I'd like to understand - why would government computers of any country need connection outside their own intranet? Not including servers for public services, such as a DMV, but what exactly would government employees need that's outside the network - work related? Not including things like maintaining their FaceBook or Twitter pages. I would think that everything should be self contained within the government

Comment Smart nation (TM)!!! (Score 1) 43

The local government's move has already been criticized by many, who say that it marks a retreat for a technologically advanced city-state that has trademarked the term "smart nation".

I would say that it's the non-technological equivalent of putting a universal firewall around that network, which contains everything to an intranet. By doing this, Singapore is definitely proving itself worthy of that trademark!

Comment Re:Defective by Design (Score 1) 159

Glad that I skipped the iPhone 6 altogether. Actually, I had bought the 5s before the 6 was released 2 years ago, and my contract expires next month. I'll just upgrade it to the 7. Only reason - Apple Pay, and also, I want a storage upgrade to 64GB. I do have a Moto-X and a Lumia 550 as well, so I know what the competition is. FaceTime is the only reason I use an iPhone

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