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Comment Re:Fever Pitch Trolling (Score 1) 313

I think that any increases you see in trolling has more to do with the state of online culture than it does with the ability to post anonymously. Reddit has an account-based upvote/downvote system, and trolling is still quite rampant there. It became such an issue that, in their desperation, they turned to highly overbearing moderators. And this resulted in an echochamber community that tolerates almost no deviations from the narrative set by respective moderators. I don't think we want that to happen to Slashdot, and a good step in avoiding that trap is by never making the first step toward it.

Comment Shills abound (Score 1) 81

People had been pointing out for years that this kind of shilling was likely going on, but it was always considered "tinfoil" until proof started coming out. It was the same way with Snowden's disclosures. Now, I'm more inclined to believe the following: Whatever devious, twisted, subversive shilling scheme you can think of... someone else is probably already doing it.

Comment Not a H1B problem -- an "easy money" problem (Score 1) 482

Most people working in tech realize that the foreign H1B replacements offer a much lower quality of work in addition to working for lower wages. Normally, substandard work would impact the bottom line of a business looking to turn a profit. But the current business model is not to create a profitable product--it's to burn VC money on turning out barely-functional-yet-hugely-popular apps so the company can be sold as quickly as possible. This business model is enabled by the ridiculous, easy money policies of the Federal Reserve since 2008... and it's going to result in a second tech crash that will be much larger than the first.

Comment Re:Don't believe the SPIN (Score 1) 160

>BTW just because the logged-ip addressed point to Russian ip-blocks it doesn't mean that this was done by direction of the Russian government or even that the attack originated in Russia. In case anyone was curious, the Former Soviet Union (and Russia in particular) tends to have the highest concentration of open proxy servers.

Comment Re:Ham-handed (Score 1) 280

Let them fork. The user demand is overwhelmingly for content generated in U.S.-dominated space, and it will remain that way as long as other nations violate the freedom of speech. People in foreign countries come to U.S. websites to speak their minds. And what non-US users are starting to discover, as more and more of them suffer the repercussions of violating their respective nations' speech control laws, is that a U.S.-controlled Internet is a freer Internet with better content.

Comment Fear mongering. (Score 3, Insightful) 352

This is the same sort of fear mongering that statists have always employed. "If service X is in private hands and under private control, there will be nothing to stop them from doing whatever they want with it! Therefore, it must be regulated!" Of course, they neglect to mention that if these "big greedy corporations" don't deliver a product that people actually want to pay for, they don't stay in business.

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