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Comment Re:at the very least (Score 1) 941

I misspoke (er, mis-typed?) when I used the word "see". My point was simply that there were, in fact, allegations being made that compromising images had been captured. Of course, looking back at the thread, I see that "seeing" was the point of the original post, so my comment didn't really fit in the thread. Whatever. The point is that such allegations have been made, and further to that point, whether or not anyone saw those images is immaterial to the actual case.

Comment Re:Wait - Sell? (Score 1) 169

Google has a deal with some books-on-demand kiosk company to sell these out-of-print books via that means. I hear the binding is super-shitty, but if you could optionally get it printed on good paper and with some kind of durable toner (or whatever) you could have books rebound if you wanted to keep them. It might even lead to a cottage industry in bookbinding :)

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