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Comment Re:My job... (Score 1) 364

I'm so tired of hearing comments like this, nothing was taken! If Asians are now doing the job you used to do it's because it was given to them willingly by US corporate decision makers!

No it was given to Indians because they could do the same job for lower costs. If you are running a business you look for ways to optimize - not engage in social justice engineering.

Why do 1st world workers feel an overbearing sense of entitlement that they deserve special privileges?

Comment Re:Recycle POOP (Score 2) 56

Donald trump is a stinking pile of poo and Democrats are his allies we need a workers party to fight for socialist revolution! Full citizenship rights for all immigrants!!!!!!

It is odd but usually the "Workers Party" is opposed to Immigration because that is who competes with their jobs. And the pro Corporation party is for immigration because it is source of cheap labor. The alignment of these positions are upside down in the US political arrangement.

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