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Comment Re:Not mine. (Score 1) 463

Translating a set of requirements into code is something we can automate. One day we'll be able to have one programmer that is able to do the job of 20 programmers.

Also if the middle class is out of a job and not buying gadgets, then I'm pretty much out of a job as a programmer.

To do that you would have develop a very precise requirements language... in fact you might say higher level code is a requirements language that translates specific requirements into machine code via a compiler.

Comment Re: Dear Apple fans: (Score 1) 471

Obamacare has saddled companies with and the additional burdens

Apple doesn't use Obamacare for it employees.

Trump wants to remove these roadblocks so that we are on an equal footing with the competition.

Great so we too can choke on polluted air like this...


Comment Re:Too much work (Score 4, Informative) 74

Yeah I suspect in the near future you will get a virus or maybe some ransomware or just a crud filled slow system and you will be thinking about tjos while your stress level with skyrockets.

At home I have made the switch to a linux only lifestyle... one machine still has a dual boot. I rarely ever boot back into to windows and I don't have to mess with malware bytes, mcaffee, etc. And when it is time for a new OS upgrade I can do this in couple of hours with yum or apt-get to install all my tools.

Comment High energy radiation. (Score 1) 222

"leaving geodesic domes (made of carbon fiber and glass) for everyday living"

An endless stream of pie-in-the-sky colonization porn.... However shouldn't each article on this topic deal with the problem of shielding vulnerable biological creatures such as humans from the harsh reality of high energy particles zipping around to and fro?

Comment Which programming language! (Score 5, Funny) 401

Man I am falling behind... I have never heard of the Which programming language and here we are told that it is the most popular. And I thought I was a software professional. BTW just so I have straight is it WHICH or Which or just which - I don't want to embarrass myself at the next meeting when I propose we do the next project in Which.

Comment Re:"it was used for children's writing exercises" (Score 1) 235

In a thousand years we will be still serving God, and you will be at the bottom of the lake of fire. This is of course of your own choosing. There's still hope for you, you just have to repent.

By repent here you really mean take on the meme-complex...

Don't you see you have fallen for the equivalent of a chain letter? Same exact outline:

Promise rich rewards for spreading the meme-complex.
Threaten dire consequences for ignoring.

It is obvious if you spend a moment in honest self-reflection

Comment Re:Keeping up with the Nadellas (Score 1) 121

But actually, bringing them up shows how different the free software ecosystem is compared to Windows'. On Windows, you have to use unsupported software to avoid bad changes, like the spyware in Windows 10. If you preferred GNOME2 to Unity or GNOME3, you can use MATE; all the major distros support it. And if you don't like systemd, some distros still support the other inits, and Slackware and Gentoo still by default don't use it.

Free software is awesome because of the choice and liberty at your disposal.

Yeah but there is something about consistency. Sure if you do your work on one computer and have the time to tweak and spin until you get it right OK. But if work on a multitude of computers and support even more it is a pain. I really wish Gnome stuck with the Gnome2 theme and polished it to shine. They missed a window of opportunity when MS released the bastardize Win8 Metro interface... unfortunately they both seem to coordinate GUI screwups.

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