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Comment Re:If they're smart... (Score 1, Informative) 205

Yes, blame the blacks -- oh wait -- jews -- oh wait -- Russians for everything. It's literally impossible that Hillary might have lost because she ran an incompetent campaign while living in special bubble created by the press and her elite celebrity pals who told her that she didn't have to earn the election.

It's sort of ironic that you call Trump a xenophobe while the entire Democrat and press establishment go on a witchhunt for foreigners that makes Mccarthyism look like Mr. Rogers.

Comment Re:Schizophrenic Slashdot Reaction Time! (Score 0, Troll) 273

The first sentence of that story shows how ignorant you are of how the world works.

The Guardian -- not exactly an unbiased source -- claims that at trial Manning's defense team pretended that nobody got killed due to the leaks because no specific individual that was specifically named in the leaks was proven to have been killed specifically because of the leaks.

Let's assume that the one-sided story presented by Manning's defense at trial -- yes, he received a fair trial, more than Trump is receiving in the press -- is true: So the fuck what. It's well documented that the Taliban read the leaks and went around indiscriminately killing people who they though fit the profile of collaborators. The fact that the Taliban didn't get the right guy doesn't mean that those Afghans weren't murdered because Manning was an attention-seeking sociopath.

Comment Schizophrenic Slashdot Reaction Time! (Score -1, Troll) 273



* But commuting Manning's sentence is great or something, so leaking sensitive information that got people in Afghanistan killed? All good as long as it's politically damaging to nazi-Bush.

Leaking factual information from the DNC that got nobody killed and that proved the DNC directly helped Trump get elected by interfering with the Republican primaries? TREASON! EXECUTE TRUMP SUPPORTERS NOW!

Comment SLAM DUNK THE RUSSIANS DID IT! (Score 5, Insightful) 821

Total slam-dunk case those Russkies were guilty of it, just like Iraq!

One thing that I find amusing: Love or hate Snowden, he 100% leaked large numbers of highly classified government documents and ended up finding asylum in Russia.

Consequences to Russia for that action? None.

So-called "russian" hackers grab private emails from the DNC that were not official U.S. government documents and were never classified at all?

Obama makes Bush look like a hippy peace protester and all of the sudden the good little left wingers start making Patton look like a librarian.

Comment Re:Impressive and ambitious, but... (Score 0, Flamebait) 115

So it's now NASA's responsibility to pay for the ESA's Mars probes?

Given how much slobbering worship of Europe occurs around here while insulting the supposedly backwards Americans, then answer these questions;
1. Why the hell should these advanced beings of pure energy in Europe even need the help of those backwards rednecks at NASA in the first place?

2. Since obviously the "advanced" countries of Europe like Greece and Italy are so much better than the U.S., the ESA obviously should have a budget that is a hundred times larger than NASA. Why didn't the Europeans "pay their fair share" for the design of their own space probe?

Comment Re:We are now in La Nina conditions (Score 0) 364

I'm sorry, you seem to be posting to sources that aren't predicting the apocalypse unless we eliminate that racist blight known as "individual freedom" so that some elites hand picked by ALGORE can decide who lives and who dies based on "diversity factors".

Therefore your facts are anti-science and must be destroyed.

Comment Anti-science bullshit is the new normal here (Score 5, Insightful) 364

"Long story short, we're currently melting the wall that's helped stop the seas boiling for all of these years."

Yes, that bullshit is what passes for "science" on Slashdot these days and if you dare to point out that bullshit is bullshit you can be blacklisted as an "anti-science" nazi for failing to show proper piety to the religion of Global Warming -- oops I mean "Climate Change".

Comment Re:so... (Score 3, Insightful) 600

When Obama was president, criticism of him was proof that you are a racist and don't deserve to have rights*.

When Trump will be president, refusal to fall in line and mouth the slurs that have been prepared for you to utter without thinking will be proof that you are a racist and don't deserve to have rights.

* Certain left-wing extremists who criticize him for "not going far enough" can be granted an exclusion (consistency is also a trait of racism).

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