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Comment They need more censorship (Score 4, Funny) 86

Twitter is obviously failing because they have refused to make Twitter a safe space from fascist Nazis like:
1. Trump.
2. Anybody who doesn't support Hillary (with the exception of Bernie supporters who converted by the deadline set forth in form 402-33R6).
3. White racists... oh wait, I should have just said "all white people with the exception of those we approve of".
4. Non-atheists*
5. Homophobes (e.g. anyone not gay).
6. Cisgendered
7. Gay people aren't really gay because they don't think what we tell them to think (looking at you Milo & Thiel!)
8. Any racist sports figures that don't flip the bird or at least kneel during the National Anthem.

* MUSLIMS ARE AN EXCEPTION (assuming you are violent that is).

I think that after these impure hate-mongers have been burned off from Twitter that the safe space will flourish and all problems will be solved.

Comment Re:So says every SJW attacking Peter Thiel (Score 1, Troll) 430

"Thiel gave $1.25M to a candidate who'd just had it revealed he has serious problems with women (to put a politically correct spin on it),"

Sure sounds like Hillary/Bill to me.

" who is/was telling people he wouldn't accept the results of the election if he loses,"

Maybe you have a point there. After all, it sounds like Trump is agreeing with Al Gore and that's not a good look.

" and who previously has supported violence against his opponents,"

Yeah, Hillary supports violence right now and violated campaign finance laws to coordinate the violence. Ever seen Project Veritas?

" who is threatening legal sanctions against his opponents and the press,"

Sounds like Clinton to me too.

" and who has engaged in racial scapegoating and in dehumanizing minorities."

Basket of Deplorables. Not to mention the racist lynch mob waiting for any "minority" who gets uppity and doesn't lick Massa Hilary's boots like a good little house slave.

Comment Live by the media hype die by the media hype. (Score 5, Insightful) 270

So Elon's panties are all up in a bunch over supposedly overblown negative media coverage?

How about all the overblown positive media coverage he's been lapping up for years while running an unprofitable business that caters to wealthy customers getting taxpayer funded bonuses to buy his cars?

Isn't it fair that all of that media coverage should be withdrawn too?

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