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Comment Re:The Georgans have a technology (Score 3, Interesting) 296

"In Russia, mixed phage preparations may have a therapeutic efficacy of 50%. This equates to the complete cure of 50 of 100 patients with terminal antibiotic-resistant infection. The rate of only 50% is likely to be due to individual choices in admixtures and ineffective diagnosis of the causative agent of infection."

Comment Just change the model to match the money coming in (Score 2) 240

I've said this all along.
Say Spotify gets $10 a month from you, they take $5 for themselves and their expenses then they just divide the other $5 up evenly between whatever artists you listened to weighted by number of songs and time. Don't "pay per play" instead "pay what's available". If you only listened to one artist in that month, that artist would get all $5, even if you listened to only one song.

Then Spotify is simply guaranteed $5 a month, and royalty fees take care of themselves.

Comment Tesla is handling this exactly backwards. (Score 0) 485

What they SHOULD say is "of course our autopilot system is supposed to be able to detect that a truck has turned in front of you, we don't know why the system failed but we will put every effort into improving it so that nothing like this ever happens again.

Instead of trying to find ways to blame the driver and pretend that autopilot means no one will never take their eyes off the road they should say "mea culpa - our system failed, we take responsibility and we will fix it - and we will pay damages"

What is more important to deal with autopilot the way it will be used in the real world and protect public trust or to protect themselves from ONE count them ONE little lawsuit

They're idiots. They will not sell more cars. They don't deserve to.

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