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Submission + - Iran confirms cyberattacks against oil facilities (

CWmike writes: "Iran's oil ministry confirmed Monday that it was the target of malware attacks over the weekend, adding to reports by state-run media that the country's oil industry was hit by hackers. The Mehr News Agency, which is a semi-official arm of the Iranian government, reported Monday that the country's principal oil terminal on Kharg Island was disconnected from the Internet as part of the response to the attacks. Email systems associated with the targets were also pulled offline. Kharg Island, which is in the Persian Gulf off the western coast of Iran, handles the bulk of the country's oil exports. A spokesman for the Ministry of Petroleum acknowledged the attacks, but said that critical servers at the reported targets — the ministry, Iran's national oil company and Kharg Island — were not affected because they are isolated from the Internet. The ministry spokesman also said that the malware, which he did not identify, resulted in the theft of some user information from websites and some minor damage to data stored on the web servers. According to the ministry, no data was actually lost because backups were available. Later Monday, Mehr reported that the attacks had prompted authorities to create a crisis management committee to counter the threats."

Submission + - Iran Blames Stuxnet Worm on Western Plot (

CWmike writes: Iran made its strongest statement yet today in that it believes a Western plot is behind the Stuxnet worm that has infected tens of thousands of computers in the country, including some at its sole nuclear power plant. Gregg Keizer reports that in a Tuesday press briefing, Iran's foreign ministry spokesman, Ramin Mehmanparast, blamed unnamed Western countries for creating and distributing the worm. 'It is hard for the Western states to tolerate the progress of Iran's peaceful nuclear program,' said Mehmanparast in a summary of the briefing posted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Web site. 'Western states are trying to stop Iran's (nuclear) activities by embarking on psychological warfare and aggrandizing, but Iran would by no means give up its rights by such measures.'

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