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Submission + - Microsoft Reports Cloud Success, Amid Shrinking PC Revenue (

An anonymous reader writes: After reporting its fourth quarter earnings yesterday, U.S. tech giant Microsoft has tipped its cloud and mobile software units as the drivers behind its new strength. Microsoft’s share price rose 6% in after-hours trading despite financials showing a 15% year-on year drop in profit, and a 10.1% fall in revenue over the last three months of 2015. However, investors were still reassured by the company’s cloud performance. Microsoft also recorded a positive jump for its mobile devices business. Surface revenue grew 29% in constant currency terms, led by the recent launch of the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. The company’s gaming and digital content unit similarly reported positive growth, with monthly active users on its Xbox Live platform rising 30% year-on-year, to 48 million.

Submission + - German inventor, innovator and businessman Artur Fischer dies at age of 96

Qbertino writes: As reports (German link) inventor Artur Fisher has died at the age of 96. Artur Fisher is a classic example of the innovator and businessman of post-war Germany — he invented the synchronous flash for photography, the famed Fisher Fixing (aka Screwanchor/rawlplug or "Dübel" in German) and the Fisher Technik Construction Sets with which many a nerd grew up with, including the famous C64 Fisher Robotics Kit of the 80ies. His heritage includes an impressive portfolio of over 1100 patents and he reportedly remained inventive and interested in solving technical problems til the very end. ... Rest in piece and thanks for the hours of fun tinkering with Fishertechnik. ... Now where did that old C64 robot go?

Submission + - Facebook Patches Critical XSS Bug That Led to Total Account Compromise (

An anonymous reader writes: British security researcher Jack Whitton has identified a critical XSS vulnerability on Facebook that could be leveraged via malicious PNG images and grant an attacker access to someone's account. In an interview, the researcher said that his XSS could have been used in the same way with the Samy worm that infected 1 million MySpace users in just the first day in 2005. Facebook took the issue so seriously that it patched in in just 6 hours, unlike other companies that take 6 months to just respond to an email.

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