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Comment Re: What this really means is... (Score 1) 110

One of the features of Windows 10 is to grab updates from other Win10 machines on the same local subnet in P2P mode; the idea on not saturating the WAN link to the ISP with redundant requests. Problem is, I don't think I've ever seen it work. And yes, I only had two Win10 machines on the same network with one already updated. It's network utilization remained at 0% while the other computer was updating. that said even if this function is supposed to work as it is I'm not even sure how differential updating will work in a P2P environment.

I don't think I've ever seen this work either. It would be damn useful - but I've never seen or heard anyone else getting it working either.

Comment Holes in networks, video at 11 (Score 4, Interesting) 337

We did this years ago on GSM / PPP sessions (remember when you connected a laptop via IR and dialed a number to get internet access?).

Set up a VPN server to listen on port 53 UDP somewhere on the internet, then connect to it from your laptop via the phone.

Used to be able to buy a $2 sim card, and pass hundreds of MB per day (which was a lot at the time) with zero restrictions.

Comment Re:This story is garbage (Score 0) 109

No, it COULD NOT 'potentially' do that. Full Google account access IS NOT, and DOES NOT INCLUDE Gmail access. So it CAN NOT access your email, docs, etc, even potentially.

You would do well to read what you are disputing before spouting more garbage. It can, but not in a straight forward way. It is a problem, and needs to be fixed.

Comment Re:Not really ready for prime time (Score 1) 123

I've been holding my breath for a long time for this, and it's pretty disappointing to have to say... This is really not ready for real use -- at least for most non-trivial use.

We're seeing that something is keeping a spinlock going instead of actually waiting - as a process that is waiting for data is using 100% CPU while waiting. Doesn't do the same on Windows. The guys are now refactoring for this release to see if its fixed in this vs Preview 1.

Comment Re:But it runs on Windows! (Score 1) 260

I'm a longtime Linux user and every article I've seen decries Linux's extremely poor power management especially on Laptops.

Can you go into more detail on your setup?

Did you install any custom or non-standard kernels modules?

Any specific config tweaks?

What version of W10?

No special tweaks, or kernel modules - just 'systemctl enable powertop'.

Windows 10 was the ultimate version that was upgraded from the Insider project.

Not only is the RAM usage less (right now, ksysguard is showing 2.2Gb / 7.7Gb RAM used), but the disk activity is less. Performance seems about on par as to loading programs (Chrome / Thunderbird etc). I even get the bonus of being able to use luks for a fully encrypted root partition as well.

Comment Re:perfectly secure! (Score 1) 193

Don't worry, the banks are working hard to solve this security hole... by telling anyone who will listen that these cards are secure, and sticking their fingers in their ears any time anyone says any different.

Yeah, its that much of a threat that I can't even remember a time in Australia that I owned a credit card that wasn't a tap & pay card.

That's at least 14 years. It hasn't caused an explosion in fraud here.

In fact, now my bank even has an NFC payment option baked into any system that also does Tap & Pay that uses NFC on my Android phone to pay without even having the card. I haven't carried a wallet for nearly 6 months now - all I need is a phone.

Comment Re:Why the heck (Score 1) 81

This is where I realize you don't know what you're talking about because SSLv3 has been disabled in modern browsers for 2 years now. Have a good day with your uninformed, knee-jerk opinions.

So you're going to tell a guy with a 5 digit slashdot ID that SSLv3 problems don't exist because the browser disabled it?

You realise that unless you disable it *ON THE SERVER* it is still offered, right?

Comment Re:Why the heck (Score 0) 81

If Let's Encrypt refuses to grant any certificates longer than 90 days then your credentials are actually NOT as valuable as they would be otherwise.

Really? Is this what we've become? We expect that systems are that insecure that they can't say unhacked for longer than 90 days?

Sorry, but 90 days is just stupid and expecting everyone to just trust this to a script is just silly.

Lets really get to the point of what LE is all about - people who have no idea of security - but it lets them get this green padlock in their browser (even though its probably SSLv3 by default).

Comment Re:I'm curious... (Score 1) 155

The apps are huge battery hogs - Facebook on Android is one of the worst offenders. Removing it virtually doubled my battery life.

Not to mention that the Messenger app completely ignores the quiet time settings in Android. Enjoy getting woken up by BINGS in the middle of the night because someone sent a message.

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