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Comment It starts with Software Engineering Daily (Score 1) 268

Having 3 hours of daily commuting, I live on poscasts. Though I call them podcats.
  • Software Engineering Daily
  • Developer Tea
  • Developer on Fire
  • Software Gone Wild
  • Fragmented: An Android Developer Podcast
  • .NET Rocks
  • Agile for Humans
  • Frontline
  • All About Android
  • Android Central
  • 20/20
  • SE-Radio
  • Coding Blocks
  • Create Software That Sells

Comment Happy Birthday! (Score 1) 31

Any mobile development that takes longer than a year to see it's birthday needs to be shuttered. Too bad it took Twitter executives to realizes this past 30 days. Maybe, just maybe, next they should think about milestones and KPI benchmarks for projects. Just saying it might help.

Comment Lost opportunity for Casio (Score 1) 193

I was really hoping Casio would have purchased Pebble. I really enjoy my G-Shock and there are..were many features of the Pebble I would like to see in a Casio watch. I feel this was a missed opportunity for Casio to come up to parity in the market.

The Casio WSD is a minor movement in smart wearable technology and it's a one trick GPS pony. Kazuhiro Kashio needs to adopt Android into their portfolio of technology for their new watches. Else their G-Shock series and WSD series of watches will start to feel like Blackberries soon.

Comment Re:Air high five Apple (Score 1) 196

Drip drip drip...

As younger generations become more enamored with the digital life as a service model and as wealth debt is still on the rise. You are exactly right, one can die in a seeming less puddle of water. Or as a silly frog once asked, is this pot of water getting hotter? Apple is doing a great thing, taking money out of circulation slowly from those that do not need it.

Comment Air high five Apple (Score 1) 196

I find an enjoyment reading how Apple is bilking those so wealthy that they constantly overpay for needless things with disposable incomes. $0.99 here, $1.29 there, and occasionally $4.99 to boot. It's awesome to see Apple is doing exactly what it needs to do, vacuum the pockets from the wealthy up for music subscriptions, mobile games, and the in-app purchases. Some people think the best way to shorten the gap between the wealthy and the poor is to make the poor more wealthy. I think it's far easier to just get the wealthy to spend themselves to poverty.

Comment Hold Up (Score 1) 472

So Foxconn's report wasn't heavily biased? You know because moving a massive company out of country hence losing a majority of political and social influence and then having to comply with environmental controls wouldn't affect the report results. Freaking idiots! Of course, they will say it doubles the production cost. They probably in factored in the capital costs of building the new factories into the equation.

Apple is the new old Microsoft for the filthy rich. I hope Apple bleeds people dry 99 cents at a time.

Comment Re: Market Competition (Score 3, Informative) 113

By illegally means of collusion. Lets not forget that point. They weren't sticking up for the public, they were collectively colluding together to force the price down on the Dodgers. This is non-capital practice that is illegal as it form monopolies through undisclosed partnerships.

In other news, everyone is still rich.

Comment YES!!!! (Score 1) 220

This shows how Google is helping connect low-income or poor communities and countries around the globe. These low priced devices are the binding devices to connect to the larger world and ideas. Just as the radio bounds nations together to share in events together. The smart phone can now help those in places where information is suppressed and weak infrastructure locations. Thank you Google for giving away technology that can better the lives of millions.
Apple on the other hand is a luxury brand meant to milk the wealthy. It's like a jeweled accessory for those without need. Very Hunger Game'ish in my opinion.

Comment Racing to razor (Score 1) 159

Seeing that touching the screen will invoke a trigger with whatever is running on the device, I am not on the bandwagon of (near) bezel-less designs. Add to the fact that phones are getting thinner makes the phone more prone to falling as we can grip less and less of the device. Granted any advancement in technology is good and worthy pursuit, but manufacturers are easily missing the mark when it comes to physical user experience in just holding these portable devices. At an early age we discover the world by reaching and grabbing what is around us. Yet, manufacturers feel the need to make devices harder to hold for the sake of doing so. Is the goal to make smart phones as thin and light as paper? Do we need a razor phone for the sake of showing we can?

Comment How can I take Java seriously? (Score 1) 99

The job boards are filled with positions for Java developers. But as a developer, I find it hard to want to personally invest my time into a programming language that is treated like a animal collar and leash by Oracle. Plus, where I work (massive industrial) Java is a security pariah that has been specifically targeted for removal. We also have a corporate policy that no new solutions can contain Java. I guess this is more about ego for Oracle at this point in attempts to save face. Because I cannot imagine young developers seeing this and wanting to hitch their skill set wagon to a programming language that is being used as a club in the courtroom.

Comment Get IT Security credentials (Score 3, Insightful) 813

Best bet for all IT workers is to get security training and certified. Most companies are outsourcing most IT functionality, however the trend is to not outsource IT security. It's the last lifeboat in a sinking field filled with cheap labor.

I should have been a dentist.

Comment Patenting Logic (Score 1) 294

I have always seen software patents in the same thread of trying to patent logic. In the case of Gottschalk v. Benson we see the US Supreme Court boiling it down to you cannot patent math. You would think that software would come along side that vein of thinking in that software languages is the application of logic.

I'm hoping this comes to a head and no amount of corporate interest could interfere with the disillusion of software patents. I wonder how much math would be crippled if you could patent math formulas? I cannot imagine mathematicians paying royalty/license fees to build new formulas from prior ones.

Comment Consumers need Amazon (Score 1) 141

As a consumer, Amazon has saved me many times from overpaying for products and keeping my money in my pocket. Amazon for me in the US is a great benchmark and provides me a good service in deciding the price on products. I also use Amazon as a bargaining chip when buying locally. I'll show the product to the store owner and see if they will match the price. If they do, great, if not, then it's a quick decision how badly I need the item.

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