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Comment Re:And why should they care? (Score 1) 441

I hope you're not planning to apply for a statistics degree with that little essay. It would be the definition of fair if they refused you. There's variability in which standardized questions any particular applicant is exposed to. The coverage of material is not exactly the same from test to test, and might impact one student differently than another. It's also possible to cross validate subjective appraisals, if one is willing to go to enough trouble. It's possible that the variability in the subjective appraisal is on roughly the same scale as variability due to test composition. That hardly strikes me as the definition of unfair. Usually we reserve the strong definition of "unfair" to systemic effects rather than random, impersonal, not every day is equal effects. Is the testing supposed to be less variable than life itself? In 500 words, explain how.


Also, it took me 3 attempts to parse that, I hope you're not planning to apply for anything with that little essay.

The Internet

Submission + - Cogent Co. depeers TeliaSonera 1

An anonymous reader writes: Apparently Cogent Co. has decided to depeer TeliaSonera. This wouldn't be anything unusual on the Internet were it not for the fact that not only did they depeer but also blackhole route any traffic coming from and going to TeliaSonera, making it impossible for singlehomed customers of both carriers to reach the respective networks. Rensys offers a detailed analysis: 'At this point, Telia lost direct access to 4474 prefixes (networks) transited via Cogent, whereas, Cogent lost 1633 Telia networks.'

This adds to Cogent Co.'s long history of depeerings and blackhole routing.

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