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Comment vote republican and watch this country collapse (Score -1) 1481

I'm voting Republican because I want to see this football loving, science hating culture fail.

And it already is failing, as evident by the falling dollar, the outsourcing of high tech jobs, and the growing gap between rich and poor. A few more republicans in office and we'll be third world in no time, especially compared to the liberal countries like Canada and those in Europe (Sweden and Netherlands come to mind), which is fine by me because I'm planning on moving in the next three years - that is, once I finish my bachelors in mathematics.

Enjoy your shitty sports, religious dogma, and science hating because when all the professionals flee this country to others that are more open in terms of personal liberties (age of consent for one) and this country goes bankrupt, I'll be the one laughing and saying "I told you so."

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