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Submission + - IAmA President: Obama Stumps for Votes on Reddit

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "Salvador Rodriguez reports that President Obama nearly broke Reddit when he took to the popular website for a half-hour question-and-answer session. Obama answered only a handful of question during the "Ask Me Anything" session, but his presence caused Reddit to significantly surpass its record for most users on at one time with more than 1.8 million readers subscribing to the thread and more than 12,900 comments and questions. During the session, Obama said his favorite basketball player was Michael Jordan, disclosed that the White House beer recipe will be unveiled soon and said "we are focused on a potential mission to a asteroid" when asked about the possibility of increasing NASA's budget. Obama also said his thoughts and prayers were with those affected by Hurricane Isaac, told an unemployed recent graduate not to be discouraged about the economy, and said his toughest decision so far as president was increasing U.S. military forces in Afghanistan. Popular questions about medical marijuana, soldiers with posttraumatic stress disorder, and the president’s failure to close Guantanamo, meanwhile, went unanswered. “20 bucks says he doesn’t address this,” one Redditor predicted, correctly, about the marijuana question. “Should have been titled, Ask Me Almost Anything,” another grumbled. For now, Reddit General Manager Erik Martin said Reddit doesn't have any other Q&As scheduled with anyone nearly as prominent as Obama, but he said the site would welcome his opponent. "We'd love to do the same thing with [Mitt] Romney.""

Submission + - TSA Agents to Staff UK Airports During Olympics (

Jeremiah Cornelius writes: U.S. TSA personnel will be stationed at British airports during the Summer Olympic Games, according to SkyNews. Authorities are scrambling to shore up security before the games open in 11 days. Organizers are already under withering criticism after G4S, the private contractor coordinating security preparations, said last week that it can't supply enough security. Now, TSA seems to be augmenting a beleaguered UK Border Agency. The US agents would begin arriving at Heathrow and other major UK airports next week. The agents will not be allowed beyond boarding gates or onto British aircraft.

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